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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer Review

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I absolutely love. However not being near to a store can sometimes make me a little hesitant to purchase online. The products I have managed to pick up in store are 100% keepers in the makeup bag. Both the Magic Foundation and the Light Wonder Foundations are products that I think are fantastic - ended up with shade 3 for both foundations. Although my magic foundation is pretty much empty now. 

However you’re all here to read a review on the New Magic Away Concealer*. Concealers are products I just forget to invest in. I am literally that girl that rushes into boots a week before payday to pick up something ‘that’ll do’. So it is definitely nice to try something that hasn't been picked up in my lunch break. 

First off the packaging – all packaging from CT if fabulous, it definitely gives off 1920s vibes. There is a window to view how much of the product is left – a handy feature if you don’t mind me saying. I also love the little grooves around the lid and at the bottom of the packaging. It also feels hella study.

The Magic Concealer has an amazing ‘beauty blender’ type applicator that helps to bounce and smooth over any fine lines and rolls over imperfections. The pointed tip helps to get into the under-eye contour. The coverage is great and I would definitely agree that it is a full coverage – covering my bags like a dream. I have had the occasional blemish and the concealer has done extremely well at covering that up too. It claims to be water resistant however I haven’t yet been in a situation to test this. The Magic Away Concealer does an extremely good job of lasting for a good amount of time, and once back from work I don’t gasp in horror that my concealer has gone a little astray through out the day, as it has stayed put.

The texture of the product is obviously liquid but it is quite thick, it applys and blends well with a foundation underneath, if having a ‘can’t be bothered with foundation day’ I tend to pop a moisturiser on and then apply the concealer straight away and use the moisturiser as something to blend into. 

As well as being a pretty nifty in the coverage area, it also contains some good stuff too – Extract of Wild Indigo, this will help to enhance the skins luminosity and brightens the under eye area. Persian Silk Tree Bark helps to reduce fine lines, fades dark circles and helps to reduce puffiness. There is also Palmitoyl Glycine included which helps to rejuvenate the complexion and helps to keep the skin youthful and bouncy. Obviously with these ingredients it isn’t something that will be an over night change. However my under eye area definitely appears brighter, and I do feel like my bags aren’t as dark.

There are a few things that I am still a little unsure of, I’ve never been a fan of the ‘twist up and wait’ for the liquid product to come out. I can very impatient when it comes to this sort of thing and as you can imagine I have had many a times where there is product over load. Luckily with this product I refrained from doing the above. So if you are like me bear this in mind and try and be super patient. I have found that creasing under the eye can occur, however I just make sure I really set my under eye makeup and that has stopped the problem. 

You can find the Magic Away Concealer here and it retails at £24.00.

*I have been sent this on a gifting basis but all views are my own.