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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Review

Isle of Paradise – sounds so blissful doesn’t it? I mean a bottle that's paradise that is quite a tall order. 

Isle of Paradise tanning is a new self-tan to hit the shelves of boots and I do think it has caused a stir in the self-tan market. Firstly because it’s vegan friendly, cruelty free and organic, which I think is pretty cool. Im not aware of many brands in the self-tanning department of Boots that can claim all that… and that’s even before we get on the product itself. Secondly I have seen some people finding the end result patching/streaky, but how did I find the product? 

I decided to pick up the medium shade, god knows why. Although thankfully I can just about pull it off.  I also decided to dip my toe into the world of tanning waters as previously I have only ever used mousses and creams. 

First up, my thoughts on using a tanning water. I quite like it I have found that getting the technique is a little hard but the end result is great. You simply spray and gently rub in with a tanning mitt ensuring you blend each spray that you do. Handy tip if you have a bath its easier to sit at the end of it and spray your legs. If you spray your legs whilst standing it can lead to a lot of product dropping on your feet – the first time I used this product my feet definitely looked interesting the next morning. I also tend to spray a little on the tanning mitt to help give a more even application. I will admit a mouse is a lot easier to use as you can tend to see where you have been. Where as tanning waters can be a little misleading.

Now what can I say about the glow? Well… it is fabulous. I am so happy with the results of the tan. It may be a tad to dark for me. However when I purchased it, I was still ‘Bali tanned’. Isle of Paradise has colour correcting technology in it although I’m not entirely convinced about this. Pink is for light skin tones, Green for Medium and Purple for Dark. I kind of feel like they’ve made them coloured to give them an eye-catching appearance on the shelves. However having said this I did get a lovely golden tan like the back of the bottle said which is down to the green base – so who knows?!

The tan lasted really well probably about 7 days and then after that it dulls down. This self-tan doesn’t smell (t h a n k   t h e   l o r d) and it doesn’t come out orangey. Although you do get a fair amount of self-tan on bed sheets! The bottle says 4-6 hours but if I forget to apply it early I will put it on over night and it has still given a good result.

Isle of Paradise Tanning water contains avocado, chia seed and Coconut oils and it really does help to give a hydrated glow. Something that I have noticed is my skin doesn’t get all gross and flakey after about 3 days so the hydrating properties seem to do the trick. 

I would say that you would probably get 6-8 full body uses out of this self-tan. I have used it 3 times and it is just above the halfway point on the bottle. I would 100% get this product again but I will go down to the light shade. And possibly try the tanning drops and mousse also. Although I have been converted to tanning waters. 

Price wise I think it's a relavtively normal price. I mean, obviously there are more purse friendly options, but it is in similar price ranges as St Tropez. The Tanning water is £18.95 whilst the drops and mousses are £19.95.

Have you tried any of the Isle of Paradise products? If so What were your thoughts?

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