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Monday, 11 December 2017

Glossier review

I don’t normally tend to jump on the band wagon with products. Mainly because I don’t have enough money to be constantly buying new launches and secondly I don’t use things up quick enough and I hate throwing things out.
However, I needed a new cleanser and I thought if I had to pay postage on a £15.00 product I may as well buy a few things. In the end I went of the phase one kit which contained a milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturiser and a dot balm. Will Glossier live up to hype? Let’s find out.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Out of the 3 products this is my least favourite. Although this product isn’t bad, I just don’t feel like it’s amazing. I find it quite difficult to remove. I personally prefer to use a flannel to remove cleansers and I found that using a flannel seems to take off the top layer of product. However splashing it off the face seems to dilute it, making this the best kind of way. 

You use 2-3 pumps if you’re using the product on dry skin, something which is a lot of product. If I used 3 pumps everyday the product would be gone within a month. Although it is only £15.00 I think using this much product would mean you’d get through it quite quickly, making it a fair expensive product.

However this cleanser does remove mascara, gel eyeliner and eye makeup extremely well. It just melts away so easily, something which is a rarity in products. In terms of how soft my skin felt after using this product, it was a little hit and miss my skin didn’t feel like it super clean, or really refreshed. Sometimes it can make my skin a little tight. 

Priming Moisturiser

Firstly I think this is confusing name for a product, but I do think it’s called priming moisturiser because you are prepping the skin ready for the day and makeup. But I would not say this is solely a makeup primer as in for example benefits porefessional . I love that this a buildable, I find that if you slap a load on the skin  it doesn’t work as well. Using a tiny  amount really refreshes the skin. My only niggle with this product is that the product design is a little poor. The products is quite runny so occasionally you use way more product than you need to. However after using this product for a few weeks you do get used to the design. This is normally £18.00.

Birthday Balm Dotcom

I chose the birthday dot com balm, mainly because of the packaging. The product itself is extremely good. It really helps to moisturise and hydrate your lips. This product can be used all over. However the birthday dot balm does glitter in, which when rubbing into my cuticles can make them look fabulous ( but I guess not everyone wants glitter culticles). I do think that this is a very good product, but I also think and know I wouldn’t pay £10.00 on this if I was buying on its own. 

Overall Glossier is a fun brand with great looking packaging. Out of the 3 products I got I would definitely buy the moisturiser again. As much as I love using the dot balm I can’t justify the price. Sadly the cleanser is a bit of a let down.