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Sunday, 12 November 2017

When you are at a loose end

I’ve been blogging very much part- time for a few years now. And most recently I often think what should I blog about. 

I love skincare and makeup but I’m also fussy. I would prefer and save up and buy the palette that I’ve been lusting over for months, than stock up on cheaper brands that I know within a year I will throw out because the product just is not working for me.

Within this attitude I have a slight problem, I never have anything to blog about, and kind dislike the throw away society we live in. If I brought a lot of cheaper brands then I could probably blog like every other day, but as I’ve said I would be throwing out a lot.

The same goes with fashion, however from fashion posts I've written they don’t seem to do that well on my blog but they do very well on Instagram. But also I can't justify two new outfits a month for blog purposes. Cuz this girl has got bills to pay and a wedding to pay for.

I also find that we put a lot of ourselves online, but I choose what I tweet and upload to instagram the reality of that is that I choose what I put online. For example I am getting married, however I don’t see my self blogging the planning and how I want my Wedding to be, because I feel like this is something that doesn't need to be seen by my readers and followers. 

So, I am kind of at a loose end. I feel like I have very little to bring to the table at the moment. I don’t really want to make my blog too personal. Also not very much happens in my life to blog about.

Creativity is my jam, and whilst Ive looked into making this blog a creative place. I just dont think  would be interesting enough or frequent enough to make it work.

I am also the worst at only focusing on one thing at a time. I put so much energy into ym instagram. Which I think leaves less time to think of content for here.