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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lush Halloween Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lush Portsmouth Halloween event; it was also mixed with Christmas as well. I met up with Katie from Katie Kirk Loves and we went around together, if you haven't been to the Lush Portsmouth store then you should, it's the biggest store I’ve been to bar Oxford Street.The staff were so lovely and they had all dressed up for Halloween, there were also vegan sweet treats to nibble on. As well as drinks with edible glitter in them, which was pretty cool.

Ectoplasm doing its thannng

Lord of Misrule (I think)

We got a chance to make monsters out of Fun with the chance to win a prize; I was super lucky and actually won (something which never happens). In side my prize bag was a Monsters Ball Bath bomb, Lord of Misrule Bath bomb, a Pumpkin Bath bomb and an Ectoplasm jelly bomb. This has given me the chance to try all the Halloween products as every year I miss the Halloween bath bombs and go straight to the Christmas releases.

Snowfairy Jelly Bomb


Monsters' Ball

Some of the goodies I made and also some of the items I won!

Whilst at the event I had a go at making a Rosy cheeks Fresh Face mask, which helps to tone, nourish and cleanse the skin. A Sunny side Bubble bar, which is super uplifting and packed full with citrius scents  and a Butter Bear bath bomb which is packed full of Cocoa butter, Ylang Ylang and Cocoa Powder, my Butter Bear lost his ear on the way home though (In the last image you can see his missing ear)! This was really fun to do and there was so much glitter involved, it was also interesting to see what actually goes into the products. 

I spent a lot of time over at the shower gel section, this is where the Christmas part of the event came through. Basically all of Lush's bath bombs have no packaging, along with some of their hair products. So Lush has brought this through to the Christmas range, focusing on the shower gels, body lotions and body conditions. Basically Lush have taken all the water content out of the liquid products so they look like soaps and solids. However with the shower gels they have been formulated to feel like a shower gel rather than a soap (pretty cool huh?) and whilst I understand the concept, and think this would probably make the products last longer (you know when you squirt out some shower gel and then it like slips out you hand?!). I kind of think this would be a messy product to clean up, like would it leave bits of product in the shower when it dries? However the innovation behind these products - especially with the body lotions is really clever.

Snowfairy Sparkle Jars

I had a lovely hand and arm massage with the Twilight Sparkle Jar. The scent of Twilight is super relaxing, the sparkles are inside the sparkle jar, and you have to pierce the product to get the sparkles out. You basically dust your arm with the sparkles and then go over with the massage bar.

Overall it was such a fun event, there was so much energy at the event and the staff were all so helpful. I picked a Thunder snow bath bomb and a Christmas Eve Bubble bar (the Christmas eve bubble bar is amazing!). We also received a goodie bag which contained a Monsters Ball bath bomb and a Bewitched Bubble bar. So thank you so much Lush!

Lush Halloween