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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Lush Christmas

So which lucky person got invited to two Lush events?! Me! The Crawley event was more focused on Chrsitmas whilst the Portsmouth one was slighly more focused and themed around Halloween - you can read that post here.  One thing which I loved about the Crawley event was that it was a lot smaller and it was with bloggers than I know and follow, so it made the event kind of more personal if that makes sense?

As I mentioned in the Portsmouth post Lush have released more naked products in the forms of shower gels and body lotions. We spent time listening to why Lush have done this. They also explained how the packaging of the product is the most expensive part. So by removing the packaging element they can use the money saved from the packaging in the actual product, which in theory means as the consumer we are getting more quality ingredients for our dolla. 

Bath bombs are a massive part of Lush along with bath bomb demos. We got to see a few of the new Christmas bath bombs in action. One of my favourites was the bath melt ‘Star Light Star Bright’ watching that melt away looked so pretty, as you can see from the picture.

I think the highlight of any event with lush is the chance to make one of the products. This time it Buche De Noel on the menu. This was kind of gross to make - but enjoyable none the less. A mandarin went in along with Cranberries and ground almonds when in. Brandy and glycerine also went in, this was then whizzed up and kind of looked like sick. Then kaolin was added along with fragrance, cocoa butter, and essential oils. When the bulk of ingredients were mixed together the product was wrapped in seaweed with some gold leaf for decoration. This product is great to buff and brighten the skin, whilst leaving it super soft thanks to the cocoa butter. 

At the end of the night I picked up a few bits and pieces from the store including the Bubbly shower gel, which smells so good, a top up of Ultrabland for winter and also Once Upon a Time Body Lotion because I was devastated that lush didn’t bring out the ‘so white’ bath bomb this year.

We were also extremely lucky to receive a goodie bag at the end of the night. Which included a naked Santa’s Christmas, Christmas Citrus, Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb, Man in the Moon Bubble Bar, a naked Once Upon a Time Body Lotion, Butter bear Wash card and our hand made fresh cleanser; Buche De Noel.

So far I’ve tried the Buche De Noel cleanser, which is amazing. It leaves the skin feeling very clean, soft and also looking glowy. I definitely now see the hype around this product. Unfortunately it doesn’t really remove makeup, as it has ground almonds in so it can’t really go near the eye area. But it is still a fab product. 

The Christmas Citrus soap is amazing, the smells reminds me of lime jelly. This product is packed full with citrus fruits as well as cocoa butter. I use this as hand soap, but so far I’m finding it quite moisturising. 

Santa’s Christmas Naked Shower Cream is an interesting one. I’ve tried to use it and I just don’t seem to get any lather, maybe I’m not spending enough time lathering, maybe it’s because this solid is a solid cream rather than solid gel, who knows? Also. The shower gels are quite chunky. And to lather is quite difficult unless you do a somewhat rude looking kind of action. The scent of this is like the Santa Baby Lip scrub, with fresh orange juice, black pepper oil, coffee infusion and aniseed oil. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Have you tried any of the new naked shower gels? If so what did you think of them? Also a huge thanks to lush for organising this event!