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Sunday, 15 October 2017

September Favourites

Oh guys, another month and another favourites. Where is this year going?

Lets discuss what I've been loving for this month! Also as a tiny side-track, don’t you find that favourites take forever to write? I dont know I struggle to keep things short and sweet sometimes, and I find it takes me a little longer to write these kind of posts, but anyway. September has been a busy one and here is my round up. 

I mentioned on my instagram that I was loving this Jo Malone baby fragrance. There is just something so comforting about the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent. And I don’t know why, maybe it reminds me of home and living on an island. As much as I love and I am using it pretty much every other day I am wondering whether to get the candle as it is a little more of a home scent. 

Sea salt sprays I always find these to be a little hit or miss. However the Lush Sea Spray Hair mist is a winner for me. I tend to now use it when my hair is damp and then finish off drying my hair with this product in. I also love making a little top knot whilst I’m doing my makeup and spritzing some of this on to the topknot to give my hair a little bit of texture and body. This smells amazing too! I do however wish that Lush would make the spritz finer as it is definitely more of a jet of product that comes out. 

Maybe I should just go and live in Lush? Because the Jelly mask Fomo has made it in to this months favourites. I love using this for a Saturday evening before I’m going out and also on a Sunday morning when I’m hung-over. This mask really helps to soothe and calm, without being harsh. And it makes my skin feel super soft.

Next I have a full on makeup product - YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation. I love this, as you can apply it really quickly you simply put the make up sponge in to the foundation sponge and blot onto the skin, this delivers amazing coverage and I love using it for outfit shoots and if I'm off on a night out. I'm not entirely sure how good it is for value for money (as it was definitely over £30 for 14g). And I feel like there could be a fair amount of waste with this product. However I love the finish and how hydrating it is to wear considering that it is a full coverage foundation. 

And finally Botanics Radiance Balm. This is kind of like the Mac Strobe Cream, however this is more of a balm and primer where as the Mac Strobe creams are moisturisers. You do only need a tiny amount of this, it adds great radiance to the skin, and is a great dupe for other more expensive radiance/strobe creams. It does have glitter particles in which does make it you wonder if your face is glittery but I’ve checked and its been fine, - although I haven’t tried using loads on my face, so maybe its different if you slather yourself in the product. 

What have you been loving in Septemeber? Let me know in the comments!