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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Lush FOMO Jelly Face Mask

Who doesn't love it when new Lush products come out?! ( apart from the fact it's super sad that they always discontinue your favourite product).

I was so intrigued to try the Lush Jelly masks, I've never been a fan of the shower jellies as they seem more hassle than they are worth, however I jsut wanted to give the Jelly masks ago.

I was hoping to choose one that would 100% suit my skin type. But the only one that was left was FOMO, which is kind of ironic. 

Now I have actually fallen in love with this product. I think that whilst this is directed towards calming and soothing the skin, I think it's the perfect mask if you're not after anything directed to your skin type. For example it won't massively moisturise or be super cleansing. But it does help to add a bit of life into dull looking skin. So if youre stuck on which one to choose, or have sensitive skin I would definitely give this one a whirl!

It has calamine to calm, rose to soothe and neroli helps to lift the mood. I actually love the neroli in this, I have tried products with neroli in and I've found that neroli can be quite overwhelming however in this product it's quite light and refreshing.

When using the product you pinch a bit off, the instructions say to rub between your finger tips but I find applying it straight to the face easier and less wasteful as the jelly gets stuck inbetween your fingers and around your cuticles. 

When it comes to how much to use, I am a little confused, I've probably used it about 6 times and still have half a pot left. But I've seen a video from Lush's Instagram and I'm not sure if this was for video purposes, but they used about a 5th of the pot. So I guess value for money on this products depends on how much you want to use. I would 100% re- purchase this product and would be up for tryng out more of the jelly masks!

Have you tried any of the Jelly Masks? If so which one did you get and did you love it?