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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Lush Damaged Hair Mask

Maybe I should just change my blog to a Lush blog because (surprise, surprise)I have another Lush review. A few years ago Lush brought out the hot oil treatment masks. I tried a few of them at the time and whilst I did feel they worked they were massive pain to get out, to the point where 3 shampoos would only just removed the product.

However the hot oil treatments have been re-formulated, so I thought I would try the product again to see if the product (which had amazing potential) had finally forfilled it’s potential.

First off I love the stick which has diagrams of how to use the mask on it and Lush have ditched the cardboard packaging around the block of the solid oil. 

Having read the instructions online it said to fill to the top of the mug, but leaving some room. The solid oil melted very quickly, something, which from memory of the previous ones took a lot longer. 

Whilst I was reading the instructions online I read some reviews and some people were still saying they struggled to get the product out. With this in mind I decided to put the product purely on the ends of my hair rather than the all over. And whilst I put a lot on I didn’t necessarily slather my hair in the product. I left this on for 30 minutes and washed out. I didn’t haven’t any problems what so ever in removing the product and my hair feels a lot, lot softer than it was pre-mask. 

With the new formula you can store the left over mask and it will keep for 4 weeks. I put the left over product into two Lush pots (one is a 120g size pot and the other is a 45g pot). I think the amount you need to use depends a lot on your hair type. I have very thin hair so slathering my hair in the product probably would probably mean I would have to shampoo twice. Im so happy with this product, whilst I like the old version, this is a million times better and has made my hair feel a lot more hydrated!

Have you tried the re-formulated hair masks? If so did you think they were an improvement on the previous ones?