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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Jo Malone English Oak Launch

 Jo Malone, is very much a brand that I have spent many an hour lusting over. I love going into Jo Malone stores to have a look at the perfumes I would love to add to my collection (I also take the boyf with me for a hopeful tactic to get a new perfume (this never works)). However Jo Malone is often a very highly spoken brand but a brand I know little about. 

When Katie from Katie Kirk Loves contacted me and asked if I would like to attend a bloggers event at Chichester I jumped at the chance. Firstly because, hello Jo Malone. And secondly I love meeting new bloggers in my area.

When the event started we were served sparkling wine with redcurrant and grapefruit in – it was delish! We were left to have a nose around the store with our cameras. There were literally 12 girls all snapping away and spritzing perfume. I felt having 12 of us really worked well as nothing was too over crowded and there was enough time and room for everyone to take all the photos they needed. 

We were then shown the new Jo Malone Fragrances; English Oak and Hazelnut and English Oak and Redcurrant, you definitely need to pop in store to give these two a spritz (You can also pop online to request a sample too which is pretty handy if you live miles away from a Jo Malone Store). These two fragrances are both two very different scents, but both share one token ingredient; English Oak. We smelt English Oak wood absolute; it smelt like you were standing in woodlands. We also got to smell Redcurrant, which is a quite fruity. And also Green Hazel Nut (These are both the top notes to each of the new scents). Oddly enough I thought the Green Hazelnut would smell nutty as it is a nut but it’s quite a fresh, crisp scent. Jo Malone also makes all their nut scents synthetic so anyone allergic to nuts can still enjoy their fragrances. 

These two scents are going to be perfect for Autumn, I found the English Oak and Hazelnut to be quite a comforting cosy smell a scent, which for me, would be amazing as a home scent. English Oak and redcurrant seemed like it had more too it, with Redcurrant giving an initial fruity scent, which then settles down into a lovely feminine scent thanks to the Damask Rose which is the Heart Note to this fragrance. Both fragrances having English Oak as there base notes.

We were treated to a Jo Malone Hand and Arm Massage, which was amazing, I chose Wild Bluebell as my fragrance layer. The Jo Malone girls whizzed up soap to make foam to first cleanse the skin, it was also super softening, next a hot flannel was pressed down my arm to remove the excess hand wash. Wild Bluebell Crème was then massaged in to my arms and hands, which was so relaxing. Finally the English Oak scents were spritzed on to our arms. I choose to have one fragrance on one arm and the other on the other arm, because I couldn’t decide which one I preferred.

After this we got to stamp, ribbon and bow our cute little boxes with the English Oak Stamps. This was such a fun little quirk in the day that really rounded the event off nicely. Inside were some beautiful luxury sized samples, Peony and Blush Suede Shower oil (I love the fragrance of this one) Pomegranate Noir Crème and Wood sage and Sea salt Cologne all of which work perfectly together to layer to give a unique scent.

There were gorgeous floral displays from Nordic Twig, super yummy chocolates and scones to nibble on. The staff in store were really attentive and clearly so passionate about Jo Malone, which made the event all the more interesting! Fun Fact; Oak is roasted just how you would roast coffee beans.

Flowers by Nordic Twigs