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Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Blogging World

So blogging world. There have been a few blog posts saying the blogging world is broken and that it's shit.

Yes we have lots of new bloggers. But this is the same as having loads of clothing stores in a town, they offer the same thing but they are all slightly different. 

When Urban Decay/Benefit/Mac release something new, beauty bloggers go wild, obviously there will be posts on the same product but they'll all be slightly different (unless there is an idiot out right copying). There will be a few who are only buying the new release to review it and then sell 6 weeks down the line (I mean that kind of sucks). But it's not hurting anyone as long as his or her review is genuine, and honest; it isn’t really my business to question why they sell a palette 6 weeks later, but whatever.

White backdrops, Marble Flat lays and Rose Gold everything. You know these are? Trends. This is the same as seeing bomber jackets, embroidery and Nike trainers everywhere; it is a trend. Yet we don not all stand in front someone’s face and say that they are basic because they wear Nike trainers.

I guess for me personally, twitter has a lot to answer for. The blogging community/industry isn’t broken because of white backdrops and marble everything, and the blogging world isn’t broken because of twitter but I don’t know how well we are using platforms to promote ourselves. Now twitter definitely is not broken. People still use Twitter Chats and people do still get a lot out of them. Obviously there will be more chats, as there are more users/bloggers now. Loads of people use twitter as a support network, to meet people, to find new blogs etc.

But let's talk indirects. Ahah the famous indirect. It's like bitching behind someone's back, yet that individual can see it. The indirect tweeter has friends who agree and we have the user, which the indirect is directed at. This user also has their friends on their side. This causes barriers, and thus divides us slightly. It's difficult because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but when someone doesn't agree with an opinion that individual also has a right to air their opinion. Thing is, everyone can see this and again they take sides, which is fine but some many times it's become targeted at individuals.

I would say nearly every other day there is a twitter drama that I either see or hear of, and I just think take it away from the public eye, obviously a healthy debate is good. But being a dick is not.

Being judgemental on how people run their blogs is also damaging, at the end of the day no one is the same, so why should we all do the same things and follow ‘rules’. There are no rules to blogging and that’s the beauty if it. It’s a creative outlet that shouldn’t be judged or bitched about.

I guess this was a bit of rant about all the random things that have been happening on Twitter and certain blog posts that have been floating around. So people will obviously disagree with this, and I don't know if this will make sense buttt, I jsut feel like I needed to rant it out. 

Until next time!
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