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Monday, 28 August 2017

Empties Post

I don’t think I’ve ever done an empties post in my entire life. And I’m kind of excited to-do this!
In all honesty I've never done one because, I either take far to long finishing other things off. Or I just can’t be bothered to hoard empty bottles.


I absolutely loved this product and whilst I haven’t re purchased it, I will be doing so when Autumn/ winter comes around. Ultra bland is perfect for sensitive skin types, who also need a product that is effective at removing makeup.

Liz Earle Rose and Lavender Cleanse and Polish

I loved using this in the morning and evening, its seems to be slightly gentler than the original Cleanse and Polish, which is something which I love about it. The original Cleanser in winter sometimes messes up my skin. Rose and Lavender helps to balance my skin and is also pretty good at removing makeup.

Lush Ocean Salt

I was dubious about this one, I did end up loving it but at the beginning I wasn’t 100% convinced. I’m not sure if I will re purchase this item, purely because I want to try out different exfoliators and scrubs. However I do know if I ever need something that I can trust this will be my go to.

Maybelline Lash Sensation

I have previously re-purchased this mascara, and I do think it is the perfect dupe of Benefits Roller Lash. However as it has been a little while since I brought any other mascara, I think this time round I
'll be have a nose at the other beauty stands to see what they have on offer.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Okay I actually finished this product ages ago, but I've held on to the bottle mainly so I wouldn’t forget my shade number. However at the time of getting this foundation I absolutely loved it. I do think this is a foundation only to use on 'occasions. I found my skin looked flawless with this on, with out the product being heavy or cakey. However because I used the product every day it made me feel like the Magic Foundation wasn’t working because I had gotten used to the look of it. I do think I will repurchase this at some point, but I really want to try other 'cult' foundations.

KMS California Add Volume

I found this product really difficult to work with. Whilst it does work as an end result. Using too much makes the hair sticky. You spend ages parting the hair to spray it into the desired area and then if you miss, it tends to go all over your bedroom. In future I will be sticking to normal foam mousse.

Matrix Total Results So Silver

I love this product for its colour neutralizing, and whilst this does dry out the hair, much like with many other purple shampoos I find this one is the least drying. You can use this once a week to knock out brassy shades by leaving it on the hair for 5 minutes. Or you can wash out straight away for a more frequent use.