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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Summer edit

I have never done a Summer Edit post so I thought; I’m going to dip my toe into that pool of Summer Edits. I have complied a small list of products that I think you need in your life for summer.

Liz Earle Bronzing Fluid.

I love this product. With the bronzing fluid you can mix this into moisturisers to give you a lovely natural looking summer glow. You can also apply it under your foundation to achieve a beautiful dewy finish. And also apply it like a bronzer - I think this is my favourite way of using it this year. 

Since coming back from holiday I don’t want to completely change my foundation, but I also quite like having a lighter foundation to act as a bit of a t-zone highlight. Once I have applied my foundation I take a stippling brush, apply a little product and on the back of my hand stipple the product around to get an even distribution to on the brush and then apply it to the areas which would naturally get tanned. This keeps the your makeup base looks really nice and glowly and also natural. Liz Earle's Bronzing Fluid is definitely dewy, but not glittery. If you prefer a more matte look, the Benefit Dew the Hoola is an excellcent shout.

Hydra Genius

I find that in summer, my normal moisturiser is just a little bit too heavy; Hydra Genius doesn’t over load the skin. But is like a little holy grail of hydration, which lasts for hours (72 hours according to L’Oreal). It also sinks in really well, which is a plus for the people who do not have time to wait for all their lotions and potions to sink in (or all you lazy people who prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed). The texture of this is quite like a gel, which you can use with or without a serum. The Hydra Genius comes in normal/combination, combination/oily and dry. I also love that the Hydra Genius gives a lovely healthy looking glow.

Nars Orgasm Blush

At the moment I'm all over the blushes that have a bit of a highlight in them. Nar’s Orgasm is just the perfect blusher for 'that' blusher-highlight product. This is a peachy pink shade with gold highlights. You do only need a tiny amount of this, it is definitely best to light with this product and build up. This shade is a little more pink than I would normally go for, but I think it is perfect for summer.

Maybelline Brow Gel

In summer I love the natural look, and when it comes to brows, its hard one to place, because while the trend of fuller brows is most definitely still in, its hard to match your level of brow thickness to the level of makeup you wear each day. For minimal effort makeup looks I love to use the Maybelline Brow Gel in Dark Blonde to neaten out my brows and also add a bit more definition with a light swipe of colour. I believe that Maybelline do about 3/4 shades which are all quite ashy. They also have a clear brow gel too.

Clinique Self Sun

I am a pale girl, and while I love being pale I do like to have a glow and tan. Sometimes fake tans are a little too much for my day-to-day life. I have found that the Clinique Self Sun is great for a light tan; something that looks really natural doesn't smell of biscuit and doesn't transfer on to sheets. With Self-Sun, you do not need a tanning mitt but you do need to thoroughly wash your hands after application. I would say the finished result of the tan, is more of a base tan look, which, for me is fine.

Lush Scrubee

Lush brought this product out as a Spring/Mother's day line, but thankfully they've kept it on as permanent line (You do not know how badly I’ve been trying to ration my Scrubee, because I thought it was limited edition). The Scrubee is extremely hydrating thanks to Cocoa Butter and Honey.  The Honey also gives this product a lovely scent. The Scrub part is made up ground almonds and Coconut shells, this is a gentle yet effective product to give the best of both worlds (whilst packing in the fun factor as well). I’m honestly the worst for body moisturising and exfoliating but Scrubee can sit in my bathroom and I can exfoliate and moisturise whilst in the shower. Although this is probably anall year habit I should be adopting, this product is perfect for me in the summer months to keep my legs in tiptop condition.

Have you got any favourite go to Summer Products? Let me know by commenting below!