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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Lush Cosmetics Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I am awful for exfoliating, always have been and hopefully won't always will be. However a few months back I decided to buy myself a new scrub. I was in lush with a basket half full and I thought wellll, whilst I'm here I'll just try this one.

When I first used this product it was far too harsh for my face, and I kind of left the product on my bathroom side for a few weeks. In the end I mixed it in with my cleanser and found that this worked so much better than previous attempts. Going forward I would throughly wet my face and rub the product between my fingers for a few seconds to buff the salt down a little, before scrubbing my face. For me I found this worked the best.

When using Lush's Ocean Salt scrub your skin instantly feels smoother, softer and brighter. So it really does what it says in the tin. To be honest I haven't tried this on my body. I think this is because I was in the mind of buying a face scrub at the time it and didn't really click that I could use this for the body too. 

If my skin is ever feeling dull, I'll just use this scrub to brighten it up again. Lush Cosmetics Ocean salt contains Lime extract to help brighten the skin, avocado butter to help to soften and of course sea salt to scrub and clean.

A word of warning if you have ever had a bad night with a tequila slammer, this product may not be for you, the citrus smell combined with the salt, can leave you feeling a little nausea.

Have you ever tried Ocean Salt? If so let me know, or alternatively have you got a favourite scrub that you think I should try?