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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Space mask Review*

You know when you spot something on the old social media, and you just think, what is that. Well I got this feeling with Space masks* the brand had been floating around on my Instagram for a little while, they kindly offered if I would like to try a Space mask. I obviously jumped at the chance. I did wait nearly a week before I could use it, this was because I wanted to test Space masks out on a Sunday when I’m most likely to be tossing and turning about the week ahead.

Basically Space masks are an eye mask that are meant to help to relax and soothe you into calm state. I suppose this depends on how stressed you are, I mean some people may use it for 15 minutes and just feel relaxed, others (i.e. me) fall straight asleep and wake up 8 hours later with dribble marks down their chin, wondering if they have missed the Monday morning alarm.

The great thing about this mask is that they are heated; the iron inside the mask reacts with the oxygen in air, which slowly heats up the eye mask relieving tension around the eyes. There is also jasmine extract in the mask, which helps to soothe. If I am honest I couldn’t really smell the jasmine, and I don’t know if this intention or not. I think I am used to a 'Lush Cosmetics Jasmine' - which is a lets pack as much scent into this as impossible. The mask stays heated for 15 minutes and my last thought before I fell asleep was ' I wonder if this thing actually works'. And it does.

The only way I can describe what this mask feels like is a bit like when you're sunbathing and the sun is all nice and warm on your eyes and then you fall asleep in the sun. 

This product is perfect for everyone and anyone, it's also a nice novelty too which I think people would enjoy using, just because it is that little bit different. You can check out Space masks here. I think I will definitely try the eye masks again. I want to see how I sleep without a alarm set, whether they work in helping to relieve a hangover (anyone out there who cannot sleep with a hangover will know my pain) and just as a general product to add to my pamper routine.

Have you tired Space masks? If so how did you get on with it?

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