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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lush Rosie Gift Box

After my boyfriend commenting on the Lush 'Rosie' Gift Box pretty much every time we went into Lush (ok, me dragging him to lush (whatever)), and after every single discussion ending in, Im definitely going to buy that box. I got it for my birthday way back in March.

I know that we are well past march now but I still really wanted to give an insight into the box for you guys.

First off the wrapping paper is to die for, I love it. I also love the Rosie tag on it, although I do believe the font of the Rosie has been changed. But I am pretty happy with what I got inside the box.

The fact that I absolutely love the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and The Rose Jam shower Gel meant that this would be a winner for me.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I love this product, partly because of the smell, partly because it crumbles so well into the bath - Don't you find with some Lush bubble bars are a little on the hard side - I’m not sure if this has something to do with using them when they are 'less fresh' or not?! The Rose Bubbleroon also has chunky glitter on it something, which I like, as normally lush use quite fine glitter. Rose Jam Bubbleroon also has the cute feature of having a jam layer in the middle of the product. In terms of essential oils in the product, there is Rose oil - to balance, Cocoa butter that softens, Lemon oil to cleanse and uplift and Geranium oil to tone the skin. All in all it smells relaxing and I do think my skin feels softer after using this product.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Something I did not know about this product. And now I think about it, it’s fairly obvious I was using this product incorrectly. You’re meant to apply this and wash it off, not apply and leave it. However, even when I 'applied to leave' it worked beautifully. Ro's Argan oil Body Conditioner contains Argan oil as an anti-oxidant, Goji Berry oil and Cupuaca butter to soften, and also again the Rose oil.

Jason and The Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Bar

I am yet to try this product as I still have 'Honey I washed my hair' on the go (a product which I adore) I am really excited to start using Jason and the Argan oil Shampoo bar as it'll be an interesting switch to my go to. I am slightly concerned that this shampoo bar may be a little to heavy on my hair but as I'm pretty much a full-blondie now. It may benefit from the extra oomph of repairing and anti-oxidant oils packet into this bar.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

A bath bomb I haven’t tried. I am really looking forward to this bath bomb and hope it gives off a lovely show, as it contains rosebuds in it. Along with Rose oil, Jasmine and Geranium, which all help to tone, balance and scent.

Rose Jam Shower Gel

I am so so happy that this is included in this box set as you can only get this shower gel at Christmas. It has a thicker texture to some of the other shower gels at lush, which I prefer.

The only down side to this box is that it is £25.50 and with all the contents added up individually comes to roughly £21.85 (granted you can't buy the body conditioner in 45g tubs) I think this is a little cheeky as normally I tend to find that Gift boxes knock off a little bit of money, or do a super duper exclusive product inside, and whilst yes Rose Jam Shower Gel is an exclusive product it will be back in September (unless of course Lush discontinue it) and also you do get the body conditioner in there too, but I do think if you asked for a sample from Lush they would happily provide a little pot for you.

Have you tried this box before? If so let me know your thoughts.