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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Instagram; Business or Personal Profiles.

I have flitted between both the business profile and the personal profile on Instagam to try and find out if one or the other was better. If I'm honest I’m not sure that there is much difference, everyday with Instagram it seems different. One day I will get 250+likes on a post and then next I will get 90.

Business profile

I found a lot more follow/unfollow accounts with the business profile, and a fair few of them were start up brands, or the same people.

Likes seemed to be more of a constant average with the business profile; I would range between 155-190 likes on my posts.

The analytics on Instagram are a little hit and miss. When posting in the 'best time to post timescales' most of my pictures would hit the lower end of 140 likes. I loved that you could see who saved all your content and it was interesting too see how much reach and impressions the posts.

Personal profile.

Likes seemed to start off relatively high, but dropped quite a lot. I am now averaging 110 to 140 in likes. So this has gone down a fair bit really. But having said this I do get more anomalies like 300+ or right down to 90.

You obviously don't get the in insights and analytics with the Individual profile. Something, which I don’t necessarily miss, as there are so many apps now, which can produce this information for you. And it’s quite nice not to have the analytics as its one less thing to check and one less thing to worry about.

I found with my followers it is slightly steadier in that I have had less follows/unfollows in comparison to the business account (although I still have loads of these). But I think my followers feel more genuine - although this could just be me over thinking things!

Likes don't seem to be quite as instant as the business profile (this makes me sound like I’ve bought likes just to confirm I haven't!) but I have found that the life of photo on the personal profile seems to be live a little longer, engagement keeps going on them for a few days after posting it. So if I post something on Tuesday people will still be liking this content on Thursday.

Final Verdict

Overall I honestly think its personal preference. At the moment I am happy being on the Personal account as I'm kind of doing Instagram for me and making my grid look as pretty as possible for me rather than trying to please people, which has taken immense pressure off of myself.

I do miss aspects of the business accounts, its fun to see people 'saving your posts' but other than that I don't think you miss out on much.

If you fancy checking out my Instagram you can find me here. Has any changed from Business to Personal profiles or vice versa, if so did you notcie any difference?