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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Coffee Table Books You Need In Your Life.

The coffee table book; a book designed for light reading and accompanied with a hella' lot of pictures. 

My favourite type of book. I like books that you can dip in and out of and not have to read back to front, and it occurred to me the other day that I have a lot of coffee table books. So I thought I would do a review on some of my favourites.

Paris in Bloom - Georgianna Lane

This caught my eye in Waterstones, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I was initially looking at but I was drawn to this. I will admit, I haven’t even read a word of this book, but the pictures in it are just, beautiful, so many gorgeous flowers. If stuck for inspiration this is the go to book to get that spring back into your photography foot. 

The little book of Hygge - Meik Wiking

Erm come on; fun facts about how much confectionary the Danish eat and comparing that to yourself?! What’s not to like? This probably my most 'text heavy' book in my coffee table collect. But it's an easy book to dip in and out of and to flick through. And when its not discussing the Danes Sweet tooth it does a pretty good job of teaching you how to live the Hygge lifestyle.

Pretty Iconic - Sale Hughes 

Sorry guys this has literally been all over my Instagram feed in the last few weeks but its such a good book if you've got a spare 5 minutes. This book could potentially give you that nudge to spend a lot of money. Although its great to see what is deemed ' Pretty Iconic'.

Alexander McQueen - Edited by Claire Wilcox

Omg this book. Its full of the most gorgeous clothing, and is also a great information book.

Women in this town - Gluseppe Santamaria

I love this book just for its cover. When flicking through this you kind of appreciate and wonder how long it took for Gluseppe Santamaria to make this book, he went all over the world to collate all the images, and you have to admire the book just for that. Also there are some hella' stylish women in that book. 

What are your favourite coffee table book? Let me know!