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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bluebelle and Co After Hours

I was very lucky to be invited to a Blog Event by the lovely Katie from KatieKirkLoves. After getting slighlty lost on my way out of Brighton Train Station in the wind and the rain I finally found Bluebelle and Co. Bluebelle and Co is owed by a lady called Kate Powell who also owns the brand House of Disaster. But the Store Manager Lauren was on hand for the evening.

Bluebelle and Co is one of those shops that is literally a treasure trove of pretty little trinkets, lovely mugs, throws that you would quite happily swap an arm and a leg for. It's the kind of store which adds to the individuality of the Laines in Brighton. There a lot of home ware, accessories, nightwear and adorable children’s clothing (that I kind of wanted to buy even though I do not have a child). Bluebelle and Co have some of the dreamiest Visual Merchandising - I mean, there's a 4 poster bed in the shop (I am so annoyed that I didn't get a full shot of the bed), if that doesn’t sway you to visit then I dont know what will.

House of Disaster Egg Cups

Some of the items housed in Bluebelle and Co are exclusive this is because Kate Powell owns Bluebelle and Co so puts some of her from House of Disaster into the boutique first. Which is pretty cool. House of Disaster are quite possibly best known for Dinosaur Origami Lights or the Mugs that have a bunny sat on the inside.


Bluebelle and Co, is one of those stores that you go into browse and come out with so many gift ideas for everyone. There is something for the Bride-To-Be through to your Granny and also a treat for yourself somewhere in-between.

The store has a lovely vintage feel too it, which I love and Lauren the manager is one of those people who always has a story to tell, so even if you're happy browsing you'll get a great customer service experience. The store was well lit; something which I loved from a blogger aspect (erm hello photos) but it is also handy to get the true colour of the product you are buying. I liked how the store had been designed to easily move around, which is nice to see stores catering for everyone.

If I could have taken home the whole store I would have, however getting it back on the train may have been a struggle, instead I opted for a lovely mug with the best spoon and also a sugar bowl, which i'll probably put all my jewellery in and also use as a blog prop!

Want to check out Bluebelle and Co but aren't in the West Sussex area? Not to worry, you can take a look at their website here!