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Thursday, 4 May 2017

April Favourites

I'm not entirely sure what I'm more shocked about, the fact that I'm actually writing a favourites post, or that it is May already. How has that even happened? Why are these months (and years) flying by?! It kind of scares me.

But lets talk favourites products rather than doom and gloom of time moving too quickly, this month I have been loving the following;

Mac Strobe Cream in Peach

Mac Strobe Cream- Peachlite

One of my lovely friends kindly gave pretty much half her tube of Strobe cream and oh my godness its lovely, I havent really tried any other brands strobe creams but I love this one. I wish I had bought this sooner as it is literally amazing I did a mini review of the Strobe cream here. If you're looking for a day-to-day Strobe Cream that can be worn alone or with foundation this is definitely one to consider.
Daisy Eau So Fresh

Daisy Eau So Fresh
I am a lover of Daisy. Infact pretty much all the Marc Jacobs fragrances I am a sucker for. But recently I've fallen back in love with Eau So Fresh. Its such a lovely day scent, with top notes of rasberry, green leaves and pear, accompanied with cedarwood as a base note. It's easy to see why Eau So Fresh is such a go to easy perfume to wear.

Pretty Iconic

Pretty Iconic - Sali Hughes

So this little devil snuck into my April's favourites pretty quickly, I mean obviously with a book like this you're going to know whether you like it or not. I've been flicking through it and its given me all sorts ideas to try new things. I will be honest, in my many trips to waterstones, Pretty Honest is still not swaying me in the slightest - any one read Pretty Honest? What did you think of it?!

Topshop Heels

Topshop Natasha Heels

I have been in love with these shoes since I got them. I am slighly gutted I have stained them already in 'few to many cocktails' night out. But you can see how I have styled them over on my Instagram.

Lush Ultra Bland

Lush Ultrabland

I have done a full blog post of Ultra Bland already which you can check out here. But this little one has been a firm favourite over the last few months, it's super gentle and great for sensitive skin, so perfect for me. I do think I may lay off it in summer as it might be a little too heavy for the summer season.

What have you been loving in April?! Let me know by commenting below! You can also Tweet me here!