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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Highlighter Comparison - ABH, Benefit and Mac Highlighters

Firstly, can I just say, I’m sat here curled up in a blanket. A fricking Blanket. That is how cold I am, and its nearly bloody may.

Anyway you guys don’t need to know about my blogging conditions because today I'm here to talk about Highlighters. I’ve got a little bit of a collection now, and I thought I would go through them all and kind of compare them, but ultimately tell you whatt my favourite one is. 

Benefit Highbeam

A classic, I do love this highlighter as it's a lovely pink tone, but I find it a nightmare to blend, like. Seriously. I do think it helps to apply a tiny bit to a stippling brush/sponge and apply it that way, rather than dot it on your cheekbones and then blend. High beam builds really well into a gorgeous highlight, but I do think time needs to be taken, something that I do not have when I'm running 20 minutes late for work and still can't find a blouse that isn't toothpaste/tea/food stained. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Moon Child Highlight Palette.
I was super excited when I got this as a present because I haven’t ever tried anything from ABH. If I'm honest I’ve had this for a few months now (well since Christmas) and I still can't decide if I like it or not?! I love some of the shades, and I think with this brand you do have to be a little bit more open minded/bold with it. This palette is perfect if you want to make a big bold statement, the highlights themselves are a little glittery, but still somehow blend really well. I suppose with this palette it can be fun to play around with all the different shades, however I don't think a natural highlight look can be achieved that well with these. So if you love making a bold statement day to day with your makeup this would be perfect for you. This is my staple go to for nights out and most probably festivals when festival season comes a' knocking. 

Benefit Watt's Up

So, I do feel bad for having two benefit products in this post. But what can you do!? I think I got this as Benefit pushed it on their Instagram last year and they literally twisted my arm through Instagram. However I love this product, its great that it’s a cream to powder formula, and you can most definitely build this up to a full champagne glow. If you’re in a rush in the morning (oh Hey!) you can easily apply it and gently use your fingers to blend or you can spend more time with a sponge/ brush. The only niggle I have with this, is that there must be a better way to apply Watt's Up than directly blotting the product on to your face, or taking a knife to it.

Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream - Peachlite

If you haven’t tried this product you are missing out. Okay, so a slight exaggeration I know a lot of brands that have bought out strobe creams in the last few years but this is like one of the first ones that came out. Mac Strobe Cream is classed as a moisturizer, which I didn’t know, but hey you learn something new everyday. I love this product for giving me that ‘glow from within’. Peachlite has got lots of anti-oxidants popped in as well as iridescent particles. Whilst this isn’t directly a highlight it works so well to give a lovely dewy look. I apply this before my foundation, or some times into my foundation to make my self look extra glowy. I also spot highlight this product, so for example, placing it just on my cheekbones, followed my foundation to give a tiny bit of highlight and definition in certain areas.  I believe that Mac do 4 shades, Peachlite, Redlite, Goldlite and Silverlite, I would love to try the Goldlite to match with Benefit’s Watts Up.

My overall favourite is definitely the Mac Strobe cream in Peachlite just purely for ease of use and the effect it gives. Peachlite is perfect for dewy and day to day looks. If I want something slightly more highlighted my favourite is Benefit’s Watts Up highlighter, it is easy to blend but has a handy feature of turning to powder.

Whats your favourite highlighter? Let me know in comment box or by tweeting me at @Ohhsorosie 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Original vs Rose and Lavender

Loads and loads of you probably know that I'm a Liz Earle lover, pretty much everything skincare wise I own is Liz Earle, along with Lush. I've been using Liz Earle for years, especially the Cleanser. 

Firstly Liz Earle has been a round for over 20 years now which is crazy, and was developed on the Isle of Wight ... I guess this could be why I have such a soft spot for this brand but anyway...

Lets start with the original cleanser, this contains Cocoa Butter to melt away makeup, Rosemary oil to tone, Chamomile to soften and Eucalyptus to purify. The scent of the original is amazing, it smells of a spa, and instantly relaxes you. When buying this it can be bought with muslin cloths or without. I now prefer to just use a flannel. I find the wear of muslins don't really last very long, and soften quickly (ok, I completely ignore the 'wash at 30 and don't use fabric softener' rule) but still after a few uses the muslins are a bit 'meh'. You apply this product to dry skin and wash off with warm water but whatever you do, do not wet your face first then apply the product, otherwise the product won’t really work. The Cleanse and Polish is very effective at taking off make-up. However Mascara can be a bit iffy. I honestly think this depends on the brand of mascara, some come off like a dream and others not quite so much.

Now I'm going to be honest; the original used to work so well with my skin, and then it just made it extremely sore, bumpy and spotty I can't decide if I had been using the product for too long, or whether my skin just decided that it didn't like the Cleanse and Polish anymore. Having said this I would definitely recommend this to oily and normal skin types. It does cleanse the skin extremely well; it also brightens the skin up beautifully (thanks to the flannel/muslin).

Now moving on to the Rose and Lavender Cleanse and Polish. I love this cleanser so much; I prefer it way more to the original. Yes it does exactly the same as the original it just doesn't contain Eucalyptus. The Cocoa butter, Rosemary and Chamomile to soothe and tone are still there, you just don't have an active ingredient to purify. However I have found with the added Rose and Lavender the product helps to reduce redness in the skin, personally I find it much more gentle than the original, but is still just as effective as the original. I would say if you have more sensitive skin to head for the Rose and Lavender, it just seems a lot more smoothing than the Original Cleanser (Something I've learnt from experience). In terms of texture, I would definitely say the original is more creamy and the Rose and Lavender is slightly wetter?!

Left - Rose and Lavender Right - Original 
One thing that is must with this product is to use either muslin cloth or a flannel. They remove the product far better than cotton pads, cotton pads seem to glide over the product rather than remove the product. Also don't forget to wash your cloth regularly - that cloth collects all your day-to-day grime, product build up and dead skin cells.

Have you tried Liz Earle before? If so let me know your thoughts!

(also it was super hard to not continuously write ‘Rosie’ when talking about the Rose and Lavender Cleanser.)

Until next time!