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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser Review

I used to bypass all the skincare in Lush and simply head for the bath bombs, but recently it's been the other way round. I know that Lush’s skincare has been around for donkey’s but when you first shop in Lush you go straight for the bath bombs, I guess because bath bombs are kind of an inexpensive treat (although £3.95 is kinda expensive for one bath - but whatever). And as skincare is not an inexpensive treat it can be a bit risky, if you don't like the product, that shit won't get used.

I started using Lush skincare about a year ago when the water in my area started playing havoc with my skin (and lets be honest I can’t avoid water and found that the 9-5 cleanser was inoffensive on my skin and was at a good price tag (I think its like a fiver for 100ml). However I needed something slightly more calming and having seen Ultrabland pop up on my Instagram feed quite regularly I decided to try Ultra bland

To start with this is more of a solid cleanser (9-5 is more of a lotion), which melts when applied to the skin. I absolutely love that the first ingredient is almond oil; this contains lots of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a great anti-inflammatory, helps to heal and also moisturises. Rose water is second on the ingredient list; rose water helps to reduce redness, apparently helps to get rid of acne and helps to remove oil and dirt. Beeswax helps to lock in moisture and is the main ingredient to melt away makeup.

Lush claim that using Ultrabland for problematic skin for a month will bring your skin back to balance. I have to agree with this, my skin is looking so much better than it was a month ago. The redness definitely isn't as bad, my spots disappear a lot quicker and my skin has brightness about it, which I love.

I absolutely adore this cleanser but there a few negatives, which could bother people. Firstly I find I can only use this at night as no matter how much I try, this does leave a residue and as it is such oil based product, it makes my makeup slip and slide in the day. Ultrabland does have a paraben in, which for me isn't necessarily an issue but some people may not want to use this. It kind freaks me out that you have to put your finger in the tub to get the product out, I much prefer a bottle/tube/pump, however the use of a paraben comes in handy here. Again something, which could bother people, is that Ultrabland contains beeswax making this product not vegan friendly. 

Ultrabland also says its for all skin types, I guess this is trial and error on the individual. I find it great for my sensitive to relatively normal skin, however someone with super oily skin may find this product doesn’t suit him or her. However I knew I was on to a winner when I put this on as it didn't sting my skin (thank the Lord). For £7.95 you get 45g and after using Ultrabland for a month I still reckon I have two months left, which is pretty good for the price. 

Have you tried Ultrabland if so what did you think of it?