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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Instagram Pods - What You Need To Know

Instagram Pods have been flying around for a little while now, however I was only really aware of them in the New Year, but I think they were a 'thing' in mid 2016 I was just extremely slow to the party.

So what is an Instagram Pod?

An Instagram Pod is basically a group of Instagrammers, who all join group chat and proceed to like and comment on each others photos. This raises your engagement on your Instagram,
currently the trend at the moment is to have a high engagement rather than loads and loads of followers and a really low engagement count.

But are Instagram pods really worth joining? Well yes and no. Lets go into the positives and the negatives...

The Negatives

You will have to be prepared to like and comment on everyones pictures in the group(s), which sometimes can be time consuming.

Because you are engaging with certain accounts more than others then its more likely they will appear on your feed, rather than other accounts which you enjoy viewing, damn you algorithm.

Sometimes comments can seem fake, and sometimes they are. However sometimes an image can be really cool, but it can be difficult to say 'omg thats so cool' without sounding like a fake.

You do have to remember that the comments you are receiving aren't organic. So for example if you leave a group you'll loose the engagement.

The Positives

A lot of the comments I receive from these pods are literally lovely and I feel they are genuine!

It's great to find new accounts which you didn't know existed.

As you get into the habit of commenting on people's posts, you end up commenting a lot more on others instagrammer's posts that aren't in your Instagram pods. So I think Instagram pods help you spread the love to people who aren't in your pods, which is always a good thing.

I have noticed new people who aren't in my Instagram pods commenting on my photos, so although the Instagram pod comments aren't organic engagement it can lead to organic engagement.

Round up

You'll get to find some cool accounts but along with that you have to engage with accounts which may not be your cup of tea (thankfully the groups I'm in I like their content). You can spend a lot of time commenting and liking on things and sometimes you don't get that input back from other users in the group (obviously people do have lives to get on with rather than just commenting on Instagram all day). You may have to leave pod's - I have left a few just because the genres weren't right for me, or I felt the group was just too big too keep up with. However at the moment the pods that I'm in are working well for me! Overall Instragram pods are a bit of fun, some groups you literally like and comment and other groups there are full on conversations as well, which is cool!

I also really struggled to find images to go with this post so I decided to use images that seemed to be most well received from my fellow pod-ers. You can also get 20% at Boutique of Molly by using 'ROSIE20'.

Have you/are you in any Instagram pods? If so what are your thoughts on Instagram Pods?

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