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Saturday, 18 February 2017

What I learnt from hating on my job

It was only when I had time off over Christmas that I realised that I must have been seriously unhappy in my previous job. I realised that the period between Christmas and New year is definitely a time when people reflect on the year and think about what they would like to achieve in the coming year.

Hygge flatlay 

I sat down and thought about what I had achieved in 2016, and I came to realise I hadn't achieved much. At the end of 2015 I was so consumed in hating on my job that I didn't even make any plans to better myself for 2016. My one goal for 2016 was to get a job I liked.

It sounds bad because in actual fact I was pretty good at my previous job, and I even got a promotion whilst I was there but I just felt like I wasn't good enough. I was the only person out of my friendship group (and pretty much everyone I knew) that worked in retail. I felt like my job was crap and I wasn't worthy of anything else, and I got so consumed that I became a negative person. I was annoyed that I couldn't have weekends off, and couldn't have time off over Christmas that I made it my one mission to get a new job, and it took me so fucking long to get one.

Infact it took me the best part of 18 months to get a new job (if not more).

But anyway, if I taken my job on the chin a little more, I probably would have gotten a new job a lot sooner, I would have cherished time with my family and friends, instead of moaning to them about how much my life sucked (cuz in reality it really didn't/doesn't suck at all).

However I am glad that it did take me so long to find a job that I'm content in, because it made me realise that you can't have everything now, and although initially I was annoyed that I had been so focused in a negative way on that one thing I am glad that I was. Because I have learnt that negativity consumes you so much that you struggle to do the things you actually enjoy. This year  I feel so much more positive and full of plans to take up more hobbies and try new things, that I'm glad I had a negative spell to realise that there's a lot more to life than a job you hate. I've also realised that, I won't react in the same way if I find myself in a similar situation because its far too much effort to stay annoyed at one thing!

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