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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

God, I feel like the worst blogger ever, I've had this palette since christmas and its taken me (what feels like) years to blog about it.

Sometimes though I feel like - 'do we need really need to review Urban Decay?' Because they always deliver, always. And Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics does just that. Delivers.

For those of you who are new to Urban Decay and are still unsure, every single eyeshadow I've tried from UD has been a great experience, they are soft as butter, blend easily and even for those of you who are new to makeup will find these easy to work with. Obviously sometimes I don't love the colour, but the user experience is always amazing.

The Ultimate basics is a beautiful palette full of matte shades, and one demi matte called 'blow' although I would kind of say its a satin finish. But whatever UD you can have Demi- Matte if you feel like it. 

The others are all Browns, Mauves, and Greys; so all extremely workable with everyday life. There is one shade which is quite yellow, which I love, I use this shade on the inner corner of my eye to help neutralise any purple-y shades I may receive from lack of sleep.

 There is also a burnt orange which is the only shade I'm not quite sold on in terms of colour. Whilst this shade would no doubt suit and compliment my blue eyes, it scares the shit out of me.

I love how I can take this away for weekends and easily transform from a lovely natural day look to a dark vampy evening look.

Obviously if you're looking for a diverse selection of textures this palette may not be for you, but if you love a matte eye look or new to makeup, get this palette, you will not regret it.

We have to talk about packaging over on Ohhsorosie, out of all the UD palettes I own, this is my favourite in terms of packing, it just looks so sassy and sleek (yeah I just described some packing as 'sassy'). The mirror is amazing as it is the same size of the palette you can see your whole face (this excited me greatly, ha). You also get a lovely little brush, something which I don't really use as I already have some staple favourites.

Have you tried UD Naked Ultimate Basics? If so what did you think?

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