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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Jivesse Collagen & Gold Youth Defining Mask* Review

Who doesn't love a good pamper? I mean I love a good pamper but I suck at arranging to get pamper time in, I get distracted, or the cleaning needs doing, and pamper time becomes no more.

Recently my skin has been playing up, thanks to air conditioning, central heating and the weather, so I have had to hold this review off for a little while until my skin was feeling a little more up to adding a new product into its regime.

However when an evening became free and with nothing else to do than have a good pamper session it seemed like the perfect opportunity to whip out this Jivesse Collagen and Gold Youth Defining Mask*.

Sheet masks have been around for a little while, but I was slightly wary of them. Were sheet masks just a bit of a new beauty fad or could the industry be on to something here? The sheet is saturated in product and when you place the mask on top of your skin the only thing the skin can do is take in the product, and I can imagine with a regular mask you lose some of its goodness from the environment around you. Its also quite handy that sheet masks have been designed so you don't need to wash the product off. So I do think the beauty industry are on to something good here!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to give Jivesse's Sheet mask ago which contains Collagen and Gold to aid a more youthful appearance.  The first thing I noticed when I applied this Sheet mask was the instant cooling on the skin, it was amazing. It can be a little tricky to get the mask to line up with your eyes and mouth. However once on the mask didn't slip or slide and the cooling began. 

There were little gold flecks in the mask, which I found quite exciting! The 24k Gold helps to regenerate skin cells and also helps to speed up the renewal process of cells. The mask also contains Aloe Vera, which would explain the cooling sensation through out this process. The collagen and Hyaluronica acid helps to hydrate and to renew skin cells. 

Once the 15 minutes was up I took the mask off and massaged the remaining product in to my skin. After which my skin felt tighter, extremely soft and supple and also had an amazing glow that would rival any highlight product.

You can check out the mask here!

The instructions do say to use this product 2-3 times a week, which I can imagine would mean beautifully supple and radiant looking skin all day everyyyyday. Whilst the instructions said to cleanse beforehand I also exfoliated,  as I do feel like helps give the mask even more chance to do its job!

*PR Sample but all views are my own

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder* Review

Now, I am picky when it comes to brow products, either the application isn't great, the colour is off, or the product is too damn expensive. So I was dubious when the Brow Shake Filling Powders* landed on my doorstep. What would the colour be like? What would the application be like? and what would the finished look, look like?

This product is a powder (hence the name), and this is something which I am quite drawn to. I tend to find pencils just don't work for me, and although I like gels and creams, nothing quite beats a powder.

Something which can be a massive bug bear for me is when high-street products create brow products that are extremely warm in tone, my brows are quite cool. So finding a good staple high street brand to fulfil my needs can be some what tricky. Having said this I am pretty pleased with the tones and colours of this collection. I am currently using the medium brown shade which in fairness is quite a good match for my cooly toned brows.

With the other colours in the collection the dark brown was too warm for me, the black shade obviously wouldn't work. And if I was tanned I could probably also quite easily use the blonde shade.

The application of the product couldn't be easier; you simply shake the product, open it and lightly draw/brush on the product with the applicator. I think this would be a god-send product for those of you with sparse or patchy brows, as this would easily fill those problems in.

It would also be a great product for those that like to have highly defined brows. This product is definitely build able, which means it is perfect for day use and for a slightly more dramatic evening look. I can safely say this product lasts and lasts, I wore this on a night out, and in typical bad blogger fashion left my makeup on when I went to bed. In the morning my brows were still in place and looking flawless.

The only thing which could be different with this product was if the applicator was slightly flatter - more of a flat rectangle. Only because this would enable two ways to apply, a thinner edge would help to achieve beautifully tapered tail- ends and a chance a to draw a fine and blended line at the beginning of the brow. You could then turn the applicator in your hand and then use the flat rectangle part to fill in larger areas. However as long as you apply this product gently and lightly you can achieve this, it just takes a little longer.

Overall I am loving the product, if I want to create a thinner tail-end I simply use a fine brush and this does the job!

PR Sample but all views are my own.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

What I learnt from hating on my job

It was only when I had time off over Christmas that I realised that I must have been seriously unhappy in my previous job. I realised that the period between Christmas and New year is definitely a time when people reflect on the year and think about what they would like to achieve in the coming year.

Hygge flatlay 

I sat down and thought about what I had achieved in 2016, and I came to realise I hadn't achieved much. At the end of 2015 I was so consumed in hating on my job that I didn't even make any plans to better myself for 2016. My one goal for 2016 was to get a job I liked.

It sounds bad because in actual fact I was pretty good at my previous job, and I even got a promotion whilst I was there but I just felt like I wasn't good enough. I was the only person out of my friendship group (and pretty much everyone I knew) that worked in retail. I felt like my job was crap and I wasn't worthy of anything else, and I got so consumed that I became a negative person. I was annoyed that I couldn't have weekends off, and couldn't have time off over Christmas that I made it my one mission to get a new job, and it took me so fucking long to get one.

Infact it took me the best part of 18 months to get a new job (if not more).

But anyway, if I taken my job on the chin a little more, I probably would have gotten a new job a lot sooner, I would have cherished time with my family and friends, instead of moaning to them about how much my life sucked (cuz in reality it really didn't/doesn't suck at all).

However I am glad that it did take me so long to find a job that I'm content in, because it made me realise that you can't have everything now, and although initially I was annoyed that I had been so focused in a negative way on that one thing I am glad that I was. Because I have learnt that negativity consumes you so much that you struggle to do the things you actually enjoy. This year  I feel so much more positive and full of plans to take up more hobbies and try new things, that I'm glad I had a negative spell to realise that there's a lot more to life than a job you hate. I've also realised that, I won't react in the same way if I find myself in a similar situation because its far too much effort to stay annoyed at one thing!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

God, I feel like the worst blogger ever, I've had this palette since christmas and its taken me (what feels like) years to blog about it.

Sometimes though I feel like - 'do we need really need to review Urban Decay?' Because they always deliver, always. And Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics does just that. Delivers.

For those of you who are new to Urban Decay and are still unsure, every single eyeshadow I've tried from UD has been a great experience, they are soft as butter, blend easily and even for those of you who are new to makeup will find these easy to work with. Obviously sometimes I don't love the colour, but the user experience is always amazing.

The Ultimate basics is a beautiful palette full of matte shades, and one demi matte called 'blow' although I would kind of say its a satin finish. But whatever UD you can have Demi- Matte if you feel like it. 

The others are all Browns, Mauves, and Greys; so all extremely workable with everyday life. There is one shade which is quite yellow, which I love, I use this shade on the inner corner of my eye to help neutralise any purple-y shades I may receive from lack of sleep.

 There is also a burnt orange which is the only shade I'm not quite sold on in terms of colour. Whilst this shade would no doubt suit and compliment my blue eyes, it scares the shit out of me.

I love how I can take this away for weekends and easily transform from a lovely natural day look to a dark vampy evening look.

Obviously if you're looking for a diverse selection of textures this palette may not be for you, but if you love a matte eye look or new to makeup, get this palette, you will not regret it.

We have to talk about packaging over on Ohhsorosie, out of all the UD palettes I own, this is my favourite in terms of packing, it just looks so sassy and sleek (yeah I just described some packing as 'sassy'). The mirror is amazing as it is the same size of the palette you can see your whole face (this excited me greatly, ha). You also get a lovely little brush, something which I don't really use as I already have some staple favourites.

Have you tried UD Naked Ultimate Basics? If so what did you think?