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Sunday, 1 January 2017

What I got for Christmas

Hello everyone! Im back after a few weeks break, which I kind of enjoyed... but now Im currently blogging from my new desk which I love. So what did I get for christmas is the important question.

I haven't photographed all of my presents as a kettle on my blog is hardly genre fitting is it?!

A few of my favourites, were my Calligraphy kit, my 1kg of Lush's Snow Fairy, my new soft boxes which is probably the most amazing present ever... HELLO photo taking at like 8pm.

I got a few really thoughtful presents, such as the Harry Potter Blu-rays after moaning to my boyfriend that Now TV had removed the potter series. Even though Tristan said that he is beginning to hate Harry Potter he still got them for me.

I got a gorgeous coat from Topshop (pictured above), having wanted it for months Tristan ended up going up and down the east south coast to each Topshop looking for it, and eventually ended up with at least 2 coats having ordered off line as well.

I got a freak-shake kit which I thought was pretty cool, and a cinematic Light box.

I also got a hand mixer as mine broke a few months ago, a new kettle (again ours broke) a condiment set which is set out like a park bench. I also got some crochet hooks, and embroidery things as I want to start up my hobbies again which I think will be fun.

As usual I got a couple of DVDs, the Urban Decay Naked ultimate basics, which I cannot wait to get into as all the colours look so wearable. A ABH Moonchild glow should be winging its way to me, but the postman is yet to appear with it!


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