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Monday, 9 January 2017

Lush Boxing Day Sale

Ah, the day twitter exploded with rude tweets to Lush, other people being rude to the haters, other people telling others that they were essentially losers for sitting in an online queue to get some half price bath bombs.

Well I was that loser. Although I didn't spend my boxing day bashing Lush's twitter page. In fairness it really isn't an issue being in an online queue.... because, er hello, its virtual so you can carry your phone round with you all day and still be apart of the queue. So whilst I was a loser in a queue I was actually having a rather productive day. But anyway enough with the politics, lets talk Bathbombs!

I'm not entirely sure how long I actually queued for but once I got in, I rushed round the site like a crazy lady. By the time I got through to the website there were 22 products left (although some products where already sold out from the 22 listed)

Shoot for the stars

I used this earlier in the festive season and whilst it wasn't my favourite, I really enjoyed watching this one fizz away, and the stars in the bath bomb all float off, if I recall correctly, there are 3 more stars concealed inside Shoot for the Stars. .

Father Christmas

Fun fact, I only seem to buy this in a Lush sale, although I love the Father Christmas Bath Bomb a lot, I just forget to buy him before Christmas!

Luxury Lush Pud 

It lookcd cute, and had the word 'luxury' in the name, of course I was sold! Nah, I wanted to try this before Christmas but with hustle and bustle of the christmas rush, I just didn't get around to ordering or buying one of the Luxury Lush Puds.

Never Mind the Ballistics

I love this Bath bomb, it is probably my second favourite seasonal product, after So White. This one kind of smells grapefruit-y, but has Banana and Sweet Wild Orange oil in it. Never Mind the Ballistics is a lovely bath bomb which is moisturising for the hair and body. I got two of these because they smell so good.


You'd think that if I had a KG of Snow Fairy (plus some Rose Jam and another bottle of Snow fairy) I would be set for year with Shower gels, but no. I had to give this one ago, the thought of soothing lavender to send me off to sleep, meant I had to give Twilight a go. If you like Lavendar then you would love this, its the second ingredient to the list. It is literally like picking up a handful of lavender and cupping it in your hands and smelling it.


How cute is this guy?! I have never tried Butterbear before but for 99p I couldn't not pick one up!

Did you manage to get anything from the Lush Website? If so let me know!

I would have loved to have gone to a  store but as I was on the Isle of Wight for christmas I was about a million miles away from a lush store!


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