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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Getting Ready with Rimmel

Magnif'eyes Eye contouring Palette*

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this palette, the eyeshadows are great to work with, and easy to blend. I also love the range of colours, it is nice that you can create a gorgeous gold/bronzey looks but also mix the look up with some deep purple tones! I am definitely a fan. Its also a god send that Rimmel have mixed matte and shimmers in this palette. Its turns the palette into a completely versatile one, instead of ones just for party looks.

ScandalEyes Bold Liquid Liner*

I love that this liner has a balled tip, to give a bold fierce look. Granted creating the tapered flick was slightly more tricky with the balled tip, but I found going lightly and starting from the outer eye cleared this problem up almost immediately. I found ball tip didn't drag along the eye lid, which is helps enable a smoother finish to the look.

Volume Colourist Mascara*

I can remember when I worked in boots and ladies went wild for this mascara so I was so happy I was given the chance to try it! The wand and bristles on this are easy to use, and it delivers a good amount of product to the lashes. I love using this along the bottom of my lashes as the mascara progressively tints the lashes, which I think is an amazing idea. This product will definitely be purchased in the summer months when my eyelash lighten in the summer sun.

Provocalips in Shade Not Guilty*

When Rimmel says 16hr finish they mean it. This lip product seriously does not budge, I love that Provocalips stays glossy but also stays on the lips for a long amount of time! The shade I received is also to die for.

Heres my #GetReadyWithRimmel look;

Monday, 9 January 2017

Lush Boxing Day Sale

Ah, the day twitter exploded with rude tweets to Lush, other people being rude to the haters, other people telling others that they were essentially losers for sitting in an online queue to get some half price bath bombs.

Well I was that loser. Although I didn't spend my boxing day bashing Lush's twitter page. In fairness it really isn't an issue being in an online queue.... because, er hello, its virtual so you can carry your phone round with you all day and still be apart of the queue. So whilst I was a loser in a queue I was actually having a rather productive day. But anyway enough with the politics, lets talk Bathbombs!

I'm not entirely sure how long I actually queued for but once I got in, I rushed round the site like a crazy lady. By the time I got through to the website there were 22 products left (although some products where already sold out from the 22 listed)

Shoot for the stars

I used this earlier in the festive season and whilst it wasn't my favourite, I really enjoyed watching this one fizz away, and the stars in the bath bomb all float off, if I recall correctly, there are 3 more stars concealed inside Shoot for the Stars. .

Father Christmas

Fun fact, I only seem to buy this in a Lush sale, although I love the Father Christmas Bath Bomb a lot, I just forget to buy him before Christmas!

Luxury Lush Pud 

It lookcd cute, and had the word 'luxury' in the name, of course I was sold! Nah, I wanted to try this before Christmas but with hustle and bustle of the christmas rush, I just didn't get around to ordering or buying one of the Luxury Lush Puds.

Never Mind the Ballistics

I love this Bath bomb, it is probably my second favourite seasonal product, after So White. This one kind of smells grapefruit-y, but has Banana and Sweet Wild Orange oil in it. Never Mind the Ballistics is a lovely bath bomb which is moisturising for the hair and body. I got two of these because they smell so good.


You'd think that if I had a KG of Snow Fairy (plus some Rose Jam and another bottle of Snow fairy) I would be set for year with Shower gels, but no. I had to give this one ago, the thought of soothing lavender to send me off to sleep, meant I had to give Twilight a go. If you like Lavendar then you would love this, its the second ingredient to the list. It is literally like picking up a handful of lavender and cupping it in your hands and smelling it.


How cute is this guy?! I have never tried Butterbear before but for 99p I couldn't not pick one up!

Did you manage to get anything from the Lush Website? If so let me know!

I would have loved to have gone to a  store but as I was on the Isle of Wight for christmas I was about a million miles away from a lush store!


Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year, New Self Improvement Project

I'm not massive on the 'New Year, New Me' shit that goes around on my Facebook. But this year I feel like I've fallen in to that a category a little. But looking at the whole 'New Year, New Me' thing, I do stand by the fact that you can't simply be a new you, because you are you. I like to think of new years as a 'New year, new self improvement project'.

I want to actually do things this year and achieve something, I mean we all say that we are going to join a gym and then become a super fit person, but who actually does this?

However this year, I want to make life easier and less stressful. Firstly I really need to finish reading my book on hygge, cuz I like the idea of having a Hygge lifestyle. From what I have read so far from ' The Little Book Of Hygge'  by Meik Wiking I kind of feel that I already have it half down thanks to my mum and her ability to light a room in a hygge-ish way. I haven't finished the book yet but I love the idea of it, and I think surprisingly I do some things in Hygge way.

I am also I'm going to stick to my fuck budget which I made a little while ago, it is currently scribbled in a random notebook. For those that don't know there is a book called 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck'*. I originally bought the book way back in the summer but I recently received the Christmas Version, I gave my first copy to my brother to flick through, because lets be honest we could all do with giving a lot less fucks than we do. I'm not sure if I will share my 'Fuck Budget' on my blog just yet, as firstly the whole world doesn't need know my Fuck Budget and secondly, I feel like my Fuck Budget would need to be pinned to a wall, not written on a blog post, I mean I can do both, but I don't tend to read my blogs.

This  book is for pretty much everyone! I found it super helpful if I was over-thinking things, or worrying about things and this book seriously keeps me in check! It kind of brings you back down to earth when you've got yourself in a tizz over something. I love that in The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck there is a traffic light threat level system in which the level of fucks get harder (yellow being the easiest fucks to stop giving) with things like that in the book it honestly makes life 100x clearer and you the book basically lays everything out in simple steps! If you want a more in depth review, holly and I'll get one up! 

Other than this I really want to focus my attention on to my blog, as finally after 2 years I'm out of a job which kind of stopped me from blogging, and since leaving said job, I have found I have more time and energy to blog (I really hope this motivation stays with me!). Although I would like to steer my blog on to other things other than beauty, but we shall see how that goes.

I want to stop stressing the small things, this is probably were a good old fuck budget would come into play.

Social Media. Ah. Now I always all say that I'm going to use it less and all that non-sense, but as soon as I utter those words I can guarantee that I'll be twice as bad. So I'm not saying I'm going to stop scrolling as much but what I do want to do for 2017 is to stop sweating about followers. They come and go, and the land of social media can be a fickle place. You win some you lose some, but eventually the right followings will come, and I think that is what I'm going to stand by this year.

And finally Im going to spend time on doing things which make me happy, starting up old hobbies, and using my time more wisely. None of this is going to happen over night, but as 2017 goes on I would like to think that I am achieving things which make me happier.

What are your 2017 goals? Tweet me or comment below!

Also I'm running a super amazing giveaway over on my blog which is running until 16th of Jan so make sure you check it out here!


Sunday, 1 January 2017

What I got for Christmas

Hello everyone! Im back after a few weeks break, which I kind of enjoyed... but now Im currently blogging from my new desk which I love. So what did I get for christmas is the important question.

I haven't photographed all of my presents as a kettle on my blog is hardly genre fitting is it?!

A few of my favourites, were my Calligraphy kit, my 1kg of Lush's Snow Fairy, my new soft boxes which is probably the most amazing present ever... HELLO photo taking at like 8pm.

I got a few really thoughtful presents, such as the Harry Potter Blu-rays after moaning to my boyfriend that Now TV had removed the potter series. Even though Tristan said that he is beginning to hate Harry Potter he still got them for me.

I got a gorgeous coat from Topshop (pictured above), having wanted it for months Tristan ended up going up and down the east south coast to each Topshop looking for it, and eventually ended up with at least 2 coats having ordered off line as well.

I got a freak-shake kit which I thought was pretty cool, and a cinematic Light box.

I also got a hand mixer as mine broke a few months ago, a new kettle (again ours broke) a condiment set which is set out like a park bench. I also got some crochet hooks, and embroidery things as I want to start up my hobbies again which I think will be fun.

As usual I got a couple of DVDs, the Urban Decay Naked ultimate basics, which I cannot wait to get into as all the colours look so wearable. A ABH Moonchild glow should be winging its way to me, but the postman is yet to appear with it!