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Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Body Shop Event

Last month I was kindly invited to a Body Shop Christmas event. Annoyingly I was a little late so missed the first part of the event, where The Body Shop chatted about some of the things they’ve acheived over the years. I wish I was there for that part!

However I did arrived in time to see the Christmas sets being spoken about, the body shops Christmas line this year is really fun and imagative. A lot of the boxes have games inside them and quizzes which I think is a fun twist on things.

We got time to look around the store and try the products out and the chance to smell some of the Christmas scents. Frosted plum was my favourite. There was also an amazing machine which prints out labels with your name one. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Glossier review

I don’t normally tend to jump on the band wagon with products. Mainly because I don’t have enough money to be constantly buying new launches and secondly I don’t use things up quick enough and I hate throwing things out.
However, I needed a new cleanser and I thought if I had to pay postage on a £15.00 product I may as well buy a few things. In the end I went of the phase one kit which contained a milky jelly cleanser, priming moisturiser and a dot balm. Will Glossier live up to hype? Let’s find out.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Out of the 3 products this is my least favourite. Although this product isn’t bad, I just don’t feel like it’s amazing. I find it quite difficult to remove. I personally prefer to use a flannel to remove cleansers and I found that using a flannel seems to take off the top layer of product. However splashing it off the face seems to dilute it, making this the best kind of way. 

You use 2-3 pumps if you’re using the product on dry skin, something which is a lot of product. If I used 3 pumps everyday the product would be gone within a month. Although it is only £15.00 I think using this much product would mean you’d get through it quite quickly, making it a fair expensive product.

However this cleanser does remove mascara, gel eyeliner and eye makeup extremely well. It just melts away so easily, something which is a rarity in products. In terms of how soft my skin felt after using this product, it was a little hit and miss my skin didn’t feel like it super clean, or really refreshed. Sometimes it can make my skin a little tight. 

Priming Moisturiser

Firstly I think this is confusing name for a product, but I do think it’s called priming moisturiser because you are prepping the skin ready for the day and makeup. But I would not say this is solely a makeup primer as in for example benefits porefessional . I love that this a buildable, I find that if you slap a load on the skin  it doesn’t work as well. Using a tiny  amount really refreshes the skin. My only niggle with this product is that the product design is a little poor. The products is quite runny so occasionally you use way more product than you need to. However after using this product for a few weeks you do get used to the design. This is normally £18.00.

Birthday Balm Dotcom

I chose the birthday dot com balm, mainly because of the packaging. The product itself is extremely good. It really helps to moisturise and hydrate your lips. This product can be used all over. However the birthday dot balm does glitter in, which when rubbing into my cuticles can make them look fabulous ( but I guess not everyone wants glitter culticles). I do think that this is a very good product, but I also think and know I wouldn’t pay £10.00 on this if I was buying on its own. 

Overall Glossier is a fun brand with great looking packaging. Out of the 3 products I got I would definitely buy the moisturiser again. As much as I love using the dot balm I can’t justify the price. Sadly the cleanser is a bit of a let down.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Lush Christmas

So which lucky person got invited to two Lush events?! Me! The Crawley event was more focused on Chrsitmas whilst the Portsmouth one was slighly more focused and themed around Halloween - you can read that post here.  One thing which I loved about the Crawley event was that it was a lot smaller and it was with bloggers than I know and follow, so it made the event kind of more personal if that makes sense?

As I mentioned in the Portsmouth post Lush have released more naked products in the forms of shower gels and body lotions. We spent time listening to why Lush have done this. They also explained how the packaging of the product is the most expensive part. So by removing the packaging element they can use the money saved from the packaging in the actual product, which in theory means as the consumer we are getting more quality ingredients for our dolla. 

Bath bombs are a massive part of Lush along with bath bomb demos. We got to see a few of the new Christmas bath bombs in action. One of my favourites was the bath melt ‘Star Light Star Bright’ watching that melt away looked so pretty, as you can see from the picture.

I think the highlight of any event with lush is the chance to make one of the products. This time it Buche De Noel on the menu. This was kind of gross to make - but enjoyable none the less. A mandarin went in along with Cranberries and ground almonds when in. Brandy and glycerine also went in, this was then whizzed up and kind of looked like sick. Then kaolin was added along with fragrance, cocoa butter, and essential oils. When the bulk of ingredients were mixed together the product was wrapped in seaweed with some gold leaf for decoration. This product is great to buff and brighten the skin, whilst leaving it super soft thanks to the cocoa butter. 

At the end of the night I picked up a few bits and pieces from the store including the Bubbly shower gel, which smells so good, a top up of Ultrabland for winter and also Once Upon a Time Body Lotion because I was devastated that lush didn’t bring out the ‘so white’ bath bomb this year.

We were also extremely lucky to receive a goodie bag at the end of the night. Which included a naked Santa’s Christmas, Christmas Citrus, Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb, Man in the Moon Bubble Bar, a naked Once Upon a Time Body Lotion, Butter bear Wash card and our hand made fresh cleanser; Buche De Noel.

So far I’ve tried the Buche De Noel cleanser, which is amazing. It leaves the skin feeling very clean, soft and also looking glowy. I definitely now see the hype around this product. Unfortunately it doesn’t really remove makeup, as it has ground almonds in so it can’t really go near the eye area. But it is still a fab product. 

The Christmas Citrus soap is amazing, the smells reminds me of lime jelly. This product is packed full with citrus fruits as well as cocoa butter. I use this as hand soap, but so far I’m finding it quite moisturising. 

Santa’s Christmas Naked Shower Cream is an interesting one. I’ve tried to use it and I just don’t seem to get any lather, maybe I’m not spending enough time lathering, maybe it’s because this solid is a solid cream rather than solid gel, who knows? Also. The shower gels are quite chunky. And to lather is quite difficult unless you do a somewhat rude looking kind of action. The scent of this is like the Santa Baby Lip scrub, with fresh orange juice, black pepper oil, coffee infusion and aniseed oil. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Have you tried any of the new naked shower gels? If so what did you think of them? Also a huge thanks to lush for organising this event!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

When you are at a loose end

I’ve been blogging very much part- time for a few years now. And most recently I often think what should I blog about. 

I love skincare and makeup but I’m also fussy. I would prefer and save up and buy the palette that I’ve been lusting over for months, than stock up on cheaper brands that I know within a year I will throw out because the product just is not working for me.

Within this attitude I have a slight problem, I never have anything to blog about, and kind dislike the throw away society we live in. If I brought a lot of cheaper brands then I could probably blog like every other day, but as I’ve said I would be throwing out a lot.

The same goes with fashion, however from fashion posts I've written they don’t seem to do that well on my blog but they do very well on Instagram. But also I can't justify two new outfits a month for blog purposes. Cuz this girl has got bills to pay and a wedding to pay for.

I also find that we put a lot of ourselves online, but I choose what I tweet and upload to instagram the reality of that is that I choose what I put online. For example I am getting married, however I don’t see my self blogging the planning and how I want my Wedding to be, because I feel like this is something that doesn't need to be seen by my readers and followers. 

So, I am kind of at a loose end. I feel like I have very little to bring to the table at the moment. I don’t really want to make my blog too personal. Also not very much happens in my life to blog about.

Creativity is my jam, and whilst Ive looked into making this blog a creative place. I just dont think  would be interesting enough or frequent enough to make it work.

I am also the worst at only focusing on one thing at a time. I put so much energy into ym instagram. Which I think leaves less time to think of content for here. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lush Halloween Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lush Portsmouth Halloween event; it was also mixed with Christmas as well. I met up with Katie from Katie Kirk Loves and we went around together, if you haven't been to the Lush Portsmouth store then you should, it's the biggest store I’ve been to bar Oxford Street.The staff were so lovely and they had all dressed up for Halloween, there were also vegan sweet treats to nibble on. As well as drinks with edible glitter in them, which was pretty cool.

Ectoplasm doing its thannng

Lord of Misrule (I think)

We got a chance to make monsters out of Fun with the chance to win a prize; I was super lucky and actually won (something which never happens). In side my prize bag was a Monsters Ball Bath bomb, Lord of Misrule Bath bomb, a Pumpkin Bath bomb and an Ectoplasm jelly bomb. This has given me the chance to try all the Halloween products as every year I miss the Halloween bath bombs and go straight to the Christmas releases.

Snowfairy Jelly Bomb


Monsters' Ball

Some of the goodies I made and also some of the items I won!

Whilst at the event I had a go at making a Rosy cheeks Fresh Face mask, which helps to tone, nourish and cleanse the skin. A Sunny side Bubble bar, which is super uplifting and packed full with citrius scents  and a Butter Bear bath bomb which is packed full of Cocoa butter, Ylang Ylang and Cocoa Powder, my Butter Bear lost his ear on the way home though (In the last image you can see his missing ear)! This was really fun to do and there was so much glitter involved, it was also interesting to see what actually goes into the products. 

I spent a lot of time over at the shower gel section, this is where the Christmas part of the event came through. Basically all of Lush's bath bombs have no packaging, along with some of their hair products. So Lush has brought this through to the Christmas range, focusing on the shower gels, body lotions and body conditions. Basically Lush have taken all the water content out of the liquid products so they look like soaps and solids. However with the shower gels they have been formulated to feel like a shower gel rather than a soap (pretty cool huh?) and whilst I understand the concept, and think this would probably make the products last longer (you know when you squirt out some shower gel and then it like slips out you hand?!). I kind of think this would be a messy product to clean up, like would it leave bits of product in the shower when it dries? However the innovation behind these products - especially with the body lotions is really clever.

Snowfairy Sparkle Jars

I had a lovely hand and arm massage with the Twilight Sparkle Jar. The scent of Twilight is super relaxing, the sparkles are inside the sparkle jar, and you have to pierce the product to get the sparkles out. You basically dust your arm with the sparkles and then go over with the massage bar.

Overall it was such a fun event, there was so much energy at the event and the staff were all so helpful. I picked a Thunder snow bath bomb and a Christmas Eve Bubble bar (the Christmas eve bubble bar is amazing!). We also received a goodie bag which contained a Monsters Ball bath bomb and a Bewitched Bubble bar. So thank you so much Lush!

Lush Halloween 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Lush Damaged Hair Mask

Maybe I should just change my blog to a Lush blog because (surprise, surprise)I have another Lush review. A few years ago Lush brought out the hot oil treatment masks. I tried a few of them at the time and whilst I did feel they worked they were massive pain to get out, to the point where 3 shampoos would only just removed the product.

However the hot oil treatments have been re-formulated, so I thought I would try the product again to see if the product (which had amazing potential) had finally forfilled it’s potential.

First off I love the stick which has diagrams of how to use the mask on it and Lush have ditched the cardboard packaging around the block of the solid oil. 

Having read the instructions online it said to fill to the top of the mug, but leaving some room. The solid oil melted very quickly, something, which from memory of the previous ones took a lot longer. 

Whilst I was reading the instructions online I read some reviews and some people were still saying they struggled to get the product out. With this in mind I decided to put the product purely on the ends of my hair rather than the all over. And whilst I put a lot on I didn’t necessarily slather my hair in the product. I left this on for 30 minutes and washed out. I didn’t haven’t any problems what so ever in removing the product and my hair feels a lot, lot softer than it was pre-mask. 

With the new formula you can store the left over mask and it will keep for 4 weeks. I put the left over product into two Lush pots (one is a 120g size pot and the other is a 45g pot). I think the amount you need to use depends a lot on your hair type. I have very thin hair so slathering my hair in the product probably would probably mean I would have to shampoo twice. Im so happy with this product, whilst I like the old version, this is a million times better and has made my hair feel a lot more hydrated!

Have you tried the re-formulated hair masks? If so did you think they were an improvement on the previous ones?

Sunday, 15 October 2017

September Favourites

Oh guys, another month and another favourites. Where is this year going?

Lets discuss what I've been loving for this month! Also as a tiny side-track, don’t you find that favourites take forever to write? I dont know I struggle to keep things short and sweet sometimes, and I find it takes me a little longer to write these kind of posts, but anyway. September has been a busy one and here is my round up. 

I mentioned on my instagram that I was loving this Jo Malone baby fragrance. There is just something so comforting about the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent. And I don’t know why, maybe it reminds me of home and living on an island. As much as I love and I am using it pretty much every other day I am wondering whether to get the candle as it is a little more of a home scent. 

Sea salt sprays I always find these to be a little hit or miss. However the Lush Sea Spray Hair mist is a winner for me. I tend to now use it when my hair is damp and then finish off drying my hair with this product in. I also love making a little top knot whilst I’m doing my makeup and spritzing some of this on to the topknot to give my hair a little bit of texture and body. This smells amazing too! I do however wish that Lush would make the spritz finer as it is definitely more of a jet of product that comes out. 

Maybe I should just go and live in Lush? Because the Jelly mask Fomo has made it in to this months favourites. I love using this for a Saturday evening before I’m going out and also on a Sunday morning when I’m hung-over. This mask really helps to soothe and calm, without being harsh. And it makes my skin feel super soft.

Next I have a full on makeup product - YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation. I love this, as you can apply it really quickly you simply put the make up sponge in to the foundation sponge and blot onto the skin, this delivers amazing coverage and I love using it for outfit shoots and if I'm off on a night out. I'm not entirely sure how good it is for value for money (as it was definitely over £30 for 14g). And I feel like there could be a fair amount of waste with this product. However I love the finish and how hydrating it is to wear considering that it is a full coverage foundation. 

And finally Botanics Radiance Balm. This is kind of like the Mac Strobe Cream, however this is more of a balm and primer where as the Mac Strobe creams are moisturisers. You do only need a tiny amount of this, it adds great radiance to the skin, and is a great dupe for other more expensive radiance/strobe creams. It does have glitter particles in which does make it you wonder if your face is glittery but I’ve checked and its been fine, - although I haven’t tried using loads on my face, so maybe its different if you slather yourself in the product. 

What have you been loving in Septemeber? Let me know in the comments!