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Friday, 9 December 2016

Wrapping presents | BLOGMAS AND VLOGMAS DAY 9

You know when you buy someone a present and you know once wrapped that person will take one look at it and will be like 'what dvd have you got me' so this year I've decided to try and wrap a few presents a little differently. 

I'm sewing together my wrapping presents! 

It was actually quite fun doing it this way as you can use any colour thread you like and any shape you want! I found this useful to wrap soft, squishy things, dvds and things that could be quite difficult to gift wrap. Over all while it was fun it was a little frustrating when you cut the wrapping paper too small or make your shape to put the gift in too small! 

Are you wrapping your presents differently this year? Or found some cool inspiration from pinterest?! Let me know by commenting or tweeting me!


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