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Saturday, 10 December 2016

The best and worst Lush Christmas products | Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 10

Initially I was going to do just my favourite Christmas lush product but I thought that I would also add in my least favourite product in here too!

To start off I'm going to be talking about my least favourite... Santasaurus. I am gutted about this one! I mentioned in my Christmas Lush Haul over on my Youtube Channel that I really liked him and thought that he would bubble up well. Long story, short, he didn't really bubble, I may have just got a bad batch though so who knows?! The product contains Brazilian Orange oil, which helps to refresh and rejuvenate and bergamot oil to help uplift and cleanse which gives Santasaurus it's scent, is quite a light scent, and isn't over powering. But with Santasaurus' head and his Christmas hat in my bath tub it still didn't give me endless bubbles. Saying this he is probably the cutest Lush Christmas product this year!

My favourite lush product from this year was tricky, I will be honest and say that I haven't tried the whole range, if I had I would imagine I would be in some kind of awful overdraft. 

But from the selection I have tried I loved, loved, loved the So White Bath bomb. I think part of this is because it looks so plain and simple but has a gorgeous crisp scent to it. But the main reason was the colour the water went when the bath bomb dissolved away! It started off with bright blues and then yellows to leave an acid green bath water. This bath bomb is packed full of lovely botanicals such as rose absolute for balancing, neroli oil for uplifting and toning this is contained inside the bathbomb and is meant to give it a more Christmassy scent. Orange flower absolute has a strong floral scent and bergamot oil helps to uplift and cleanse. Although I do think it smells apple-y there isn't anything in the bath bomb to make it smell of apples, which is weird! Still I love it none the less. 

Whats your favourite seasonal lush product and why? Let me know by tweeting me or commenting below.

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