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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


So this post wasn't in the Blogmas plan, but like I always say, plans never go to plan. I now have two lush posts, but who doesn't love Lush at Christmas?! Basically after a last minute trip to London on the weekend I thought I would do a mini haul on what I got at Lush.

It was so busy in there that I kind of didn't get to have a mooch around, it was more a grab what you want and get out of there, it was that crazy.

Error 404

Ok as much as I love lush, I only know a little bit about this product, Error 404 is a bath bomb which helps to promote awareness of Internet shutdowns in many countries where there shouldn't be. Lush are working with Accessnow to raise awareness and there is a petition to sign to stop this. Error 404 is a limited edition product which came out on Black Friday and online it has sold out as it only ran from the 25th nov to the 30th Nov. But I saw Error 404 in Oxford street and the London Victoria stores. Error 404 has Vanilla Absolute in and also Gardenia extract, its not normally a scent that I go for, but I think this will be amazing to watch fizz away, and the money spent on this product goes to help someone somewhere!

So White

I love this bath bomb. It smells like the crispest apples ever. And for a product which looks so simple on the outside, I absolutely love the bright yellow and blues it releases when you pop it in the bath. The scent is too die for. If they did a shower gel of this scent I would totally love it more than snow fairy! Its strange though because although I swear it smells of apples there isn't anything in the ingredients that says 'apple' instead we've got Bergamot oil, Brazilian orange oil, Rose absolute, Orange Flower extract, Neroli oil and Gardenia extract.


I do love an Oxford Street Exclusive (and online) this little guys obviously smells citrus-y, with mandarin oil and Orange Flower Absolute. I love how this looks just like a satsuma, to be fair I was in such a rush that I didn't necessarily grab the prettiest ones in sight. But I am happy Ive got one of these.


Ah, I love the look of this one! I was tempted to pick it up in my first lush haul (watch here) but i figured that I would be doing another stock up before Christmas. This Bathbomb is a floral yet seductive, with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and Vetivert I think it will be a winner.


Ive used this little guy before, but I've bought another one for a giveaway which I will be hosting on the 16th of December (it could be earlier but we shall see!). I think sometimes I love bubble baths more than using a bath bomb!

Rose Jam

I have always wanted to try Rose Jam and have never gotten round to buying it. On Saturday I obviously changed that! I bought the smallest size one and if I like it a lot ill buy a bigger one before they sell out!

Snow Fairy

Who doesn't love a bit of snow fairy? Okay so I can completely get why people wouldn't like it. Because it is so sweet smelling, but if you like smelling of a sweety shop then you'll love it!

Breath of fresh air 

I've spoken about this a lot on my YouTube and probably on my blog! This a top up as my current one is running out. I love this toner water it's smells lovely and helps to takeaway redness. 

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