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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hot chocolate | Blogmas day 15

I'm still doing this blogging everyday thing, and my god it is hard! I think it's harder actually scheduling tweets and fitting in photo shoots, than blogging! But hey, I'm surprised I have lasted this long.

But today's post is all about hot chocolate. If anyone reading doesn't like Hot Chocolate.... Who even are you?! 

I personally love having my Hot Chocolate it in a Mason Jar, only because you can go crazy with chocolate sauce and make it look super yummy/sickly and kind of freakshake-y.

Normally I make Hot Chocolate with powdered stuff but at Christmas I just buy the chocolate milk and heat it up. I don't know if Gu still do it, but last christmas they had the yummiest chocolate milk and it was to die for.

I normally use chocolate sauce around the edge of the mason jar to get the decorations to stick, but I had ran out of Chocolate sauce, so I used syrup, I find the fatter the cream the better it holds, so you have more time to be get a good Instagram picture. Obviously marshmallows have to go into a Hot Chocolate. I did think about melting the marshmallows first but I forgot! I love using paper straws with a mason jar as it think it gives it a nice look. 

I used a cute gingerbread man and a candy cane to make this a little bit more festive! I wanted to make the little gingerbread houses that you see on Pinterest, which hang off the edge of your cup, but ain't nobody got that time for that! (okay well I don't, you guys may do!)


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