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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Films I watch at Christmas | Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 3

 Now watching DVDs is a pretty normal thing to do, but I can guarantee at Christmas a lot of you have certain films that you watch each and every year. For todays blogmas I thought I would do a quick run down of the films I love to watch over the festive period!

Elf - Ok so Elf is falling in to the category of 'how many more times can I watch this film', Ive seen it so many times, and each year I think can I actually watch this again?! But I just feel like Elf marks the start of Christmas!

Mean Girls - While its not a christmas film, it is a classic and you can't beat quoting 'you go glen coco' around the house.

Frozen - I watch this all year round but its so nice to have this on in the background whilst youre doing festive type things like decorating the tree.

Over the Hedge - I dont think I've ever seen this film when its not christmas, this films seems to be on  TV over the festive period all the time and I love it, even though I dont think theres a drop of snow in this film!

The Snowman and The Snow dog. Lets call these 'short films'. But who doesn't actively plan their Christmas Eve around the showings of these two films?

Arthur Christmas - this film is literally hilarious, I love it. Go and watch it NOW.

The Polar Express - OK I think this will soon be 'films I throw in the bin' it used to be Christmas tradition to watch this when we were younger and it seems to have 'stuck', every year as a family we still watch it.

I obviously attempt to watch all the Harry Potters too because, well, Harry Potter is the best thing ever!

What Films do you watch over Christmas tweet me or comment below!


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