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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Traditions | Blogmas/ Vlogmas Day 5

As Im doing Blogmas this year I thought it I would do a post on what I get up to with my family each year at Christmas!

Every year with out fail we watch the Polar Express, Im not even sure why, I think we may have been given it as an Christmas eve present to keep myself and my brothers quiet and now every year we settle down to watch it.

Steak. Every Christmas Eve, I will be extremely disappointed if I don't have steak on the table when I get home this year.

Sausage rolls, for some reason I make sausage rolls every year, then they get packed up with me to take home when I leave.

A drink split around midday every year on christmas day.

My dad used to take us all for a walk on Christmas day, while mum prepped the everything for Christmas Lunch. We still all vacate the house for an while she does this, although in the last few years by the time we get back from our walk mum hasn't really done anything in the way of prep apart from open a few more beers.

The dog gets shut out through the present proceedings, not because we don't like her, she just hates christmas with a passion. and will bark at whoever is unwrapping a present. It would appear my family have raised a diva dog.

My mum puts candles on the tree, and once they are lit someone needs the toilet so we all wait with held breathe to see if the tree goes up in flames. So far we have been lucky.

I always sit by the fire and consequently over heat.


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