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Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Eve box | day 20

So this may be a little early, but guys Ive been super busy and this was the only blog post I've got scheduled and stuff, so Ive bought it forward, because I have now missed 3 days of blogmas. In my defence, Ive had a really busy weekend, which included getting my hair done on the island, so that was a good 12 hour day... with no signal. 

Then on sunday I ended up shopping in Brighton which was, like, all day. But on Sunday I did make a ginger bread house so... 

And then on Monday I was sorting out my floordrobe. Honestly. 

Anyway, my Christmas eve box, I thought about all the things that I do/ need on Christmas eve. I decided to put it all in a basket and show you guys. If I had loads for money I feel like this would be a really nice gift.

Firstly the beauty products, You have to, at some point at Christmas Eve have a Lush product feature in your day. I chose my favourite bath bomb from this years Christmas collection; So White. 

I've also got my Over night mask from Liz Earle, this product really hydrates the skin and leaves skin feeling plump and rejuvenated. I think this could be key to waking up on Christmas day feeling like shit, but looking great. You can win a Liz Earle Overnight Mask here!

I've put the Mason Jar in there because I always have to have a hot chocolate on Christmas eve, and I love getting hot chocolate in a Glass jar, it gives it more of a special feel.

Those Maryland cookies are literally to die for, You've got to have cookies on Christmas eve, with your hot chocolate.

A christmas DVD just to ensure that if you aren't in the Christmas spirit by Christmas eve then you've got hope that a Christmas film will!

My Instax mini has be around at the festive season! I use the film for special times and obviously christmas is fitting! 

Mogly (the stripped bear/rabbit thing) the best thing to heat up and cuddle. 


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