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Sunday, 4 December 2016

#Bloggersxmas Event | Day 4

On the 19th of November (that seems so long ago now) I hopped on a train up to London to go to the Bloggers Christmas event ran by Jasmine and Kirsty over at Soeursdeluxe. The venue was incredible with gorgeous decoration and a lovely feel to it!

I went up slightly early to meet up with a fellow blogger Sophie from As Told by - Sophie. We stopped off to have a cheeky Wagagmama's and then headed to the venue!

The brands there was amazing and there were a few PR type companies there too! I found both Type the Hype and Journo-link really interesting companies to talk to and how they work with bloggers and brands. Both companies spoke about working with smaller bloggers which I think is a great idea!

The Jewellery Box stand was by far my favourite set up! All their products were out on display so you could get a good look at what Jewellery box has too offer! They also had really cute freebies that they handed out to everyone! I would definitely say this stand was the most Christmassy, and those crates gave me some serious inspiration for Instagram, so thank you guys!

Sweet Cheesus, my god, this cheesecake is to shout about, it was so yummy! I tried two samples of the cheese cake. The peanut butter and chocolate chip one was to die for! It tasted like a melted snickers bar, but better. and the Peanut Butter was crunchy not smooth which made it even better!

Sheena Bulsara, had an amazing stand of jewellery, with some gorgeous pieces which looked so sophisticated! they also had really good lighting which gave me some really interesting shots!

Type the Hype were also at the event and were so informative about how they work, and how they don't take follower sizings into account! So if you're a smaller blogger with great content looking for potential collaborations I would totally sign up to Type the Hype.

PNY is a technology company, with usb sticks, selfie sticks,  smart phone accessories and much more! PNY had a really good interactive stand which I loved. You got to spin a massive wheel which you could win things from, I won a rose gold iPhone lead which I was pretty pleased about. There was also a chance to win big, and the wheel had to land on 'win big' to be entered into a big prise draw. I really liked this idea as it gives brands a good chance to talk to bloggers and vice versa.

My Beauty Matches was also at the event, My Beauty Matches had an amazing concept were they help to pick the best products for you. You take a quiz and sign up to the site, the quiz asks you questions about skin concerns, hair concerns and all sorts. You can then find products which will work for you and your skin (or hair or body), and it gives you all retail stockists you can buy from! I think this is fun even if you didn't buy anything as it opens up brands that could be really good for you but you advent heard of before! I did this on my hair type and it gave me shampoos, conditioners, mousses, styling products, hair dyes, basically the lot to suit my hair! My beauty Matches has definitely given me some ideas to try other brands too!

Gia London had the most beautiful display of clutch bags, with bright colours and lush golds you can't really go wrong !

Aromand the home fragrance brand was at the event, and had some amazing smelling candles, they also do diffusers as well. The brand also give a percent of the money you pay for certain candles to Ovarian Cancer Charity.

Blogosphere magazine, I have heard of blogosphere magazine but hadn't actually read it until the event, I ended up purchasing one of the magazines and I'm really impressed by it! I like all the features they do in the magazine and topics they go over. I will definitely be purchasing the next magazine, I also love the quality of the magazine, it feels luxury and is jam-packed full of content.

By the time Sophie and I had gone round most of the brands I bumped into Tania from It was really nice to see a local blogger at the same event as me! As she had arrived later we went back round the majority of the brands again.

The goodie bags were also amazing and included all of this!

A massive thanks to all the brands, and the venue and to Jasmine and Kirsty for arranging the whole event! It was so much fun!


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