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Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Eve box | day 20

So this may be a little early, but guys Ive been super busy and this was the only blog post I've got scheduled and stuff, so Ive bought it forward, because I have now missed 3 days of blogmas. In my defence, Ive had a really busy weekend, which included getting my hair done on the island, so that was a good 12 hour day... with no signal. 

Then on sunday I ended up shopping in Brighton which was, like, all day. But on Sunday I did make a ginger bread house so... 

And then on Monday I was sorting out my floordrobe. Honestly. 

Anyway, my Christmas eve box, I thought about all the things that I do/ need on Christmas eve. I decided to put it all in a basket and show you guys. If I had loads for money I feel like this would be a really nice gift.

Firstly the beauty products, You have to, at some point at Christmas Eve have a Lush product feature in your day. I chose my favourite bath bomb from this years Christmas collection; So White. 

I've also got my Over night mask from Liz Earle, this product really hydrates the skin and leaves skin feeling plump and rejuvenated. I think this could be key to waking up on Christmas day feeling like shit, but looking great. You can win a Liz Earle Overnight Mask here!

I've put the Mason Jar in there because I always have to have a hot chocolate on Christmas eve, and I love getting hot chocolate in a Glass jar, it gives it more of a special feel.

Those Maryland cookies are literally to die for, You've got to have cookies on Christmas eve, with your hot chocolate.

A christmas DVD just to ensure that if you aren't in the Christmas spirit by Christmas eve then you've got hope that a Christmas film will!

My Instax mini has be around at the festive season! I use the film for special times and obviously christmas is fitting! 

Mogly (the stripped bear/rabbit thing) the best thing to heat up and cuddle. 


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas Giveaway | Blog/Vlogmas Day 16

A Christmas surprise! Todays Blogmas post is all about you guys! I'm really excited to be doing a giveaway as I haven't done one in forever! I felt that as it was the season of giving this would be the perfect time to launch my giveaway!

So what is this amazing present I'll be giving one of you lucky readers?! 

Well what I have up for grabs is;
(see picture above)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can also retweet and follow on twitter to be in with a chance of winning the prizes!

I'm aware that this is a somewhat heavy mask giveaway but, after all of the festive cheer is done and gone January will give us the month of detoxing. Now I am crap at detoxing, but I do think I use January quite well as a time to relax after the hustle and bustle of what Christmas brings and what better way to relax with a few face masks and a lush bath?!


This is a UK giveaway, as the postage would just be too much to send overseas! Im sorry guys!

Obviously this giveaway does contain lush products and I will do my very best to wrap it up with lots of bubble wrap etc but I will not be held responsible if it gets damaged in the post!

A winner will be picked at random, either from the RTs or Rafflecopter. To have a higher chance of winning, RT and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway section. Once a winner has been selected I shall contact them within the 48hrs of the giveaway closing time. If the winner does not contact me within 48hrs of me contacting them another winner will be picked.

Competition runs from 16/12/16 to 16/01/17

Let me know if you've entered by tweeting me or commenting below!


Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hot chocolate | Blogmas day 15

I'm still doing this blogging everyday thing, and my god it is hard! I think it's harder actually scheduling tweets and fitting in photo shoots, than blogging! But hey, I'm surprised I have lasted this long.

But today's post is all about hot chocolate. If anyone reading doesn't like Hot Chocolate.... Who even are you?! 

I personally love having my Hot Chocolate it in a Mason Jar, only because you can go crazy with chocolate sauce and make it look super yummy/sickly and kind of freakshake-y.

Normally I make Hot Chocolate with powdered stuff but at Christmas I just buy the chocolate milk and heat it up. I don't know if Gu still do it, but last christmas they had the yummiest chocolate milk and it was to die for.

I normally use chocolate sauce around the edge of the mason jar to get the decorations to stick, but I had ran out of Chocolate sauce, so I used syrup, I find the fatter the cream the better it holds, so you have more time to be get a good Instagram picture. Obviously marshmallows have to go into a Hot Chocolate. I did think about melting the marshmallows first but I forgot! I love using paper straws with a mason jar as it think it gives it a nice look. 

I used a cute gingerbread man and a candy cane to make this a little bit more festive! I wanted to make the little gingerbread houses that you see on Pinterest, which hang off the edge of your cup, but ain't nobody got that time for that! (okay well I don't, you guys may do!)


Ootd | Blogmas and Vlogmas day 14

This isn't a festive ootd but surely if you blog in December it can be counted as Blogmas?! Right? Right. 

I got this dress from style we*, and love it, with these dresses I like that you can easily change the style of them by adding a belt. I think this is perfect for an office look. Or if you're out and about for the day! 

Faux Leather Jacket - H&M
Dress* - Style We
Boots - H&M


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bauble Christmas Wreath | BLOGMAS AND VLOGMAS DAY 13

It isn't Christmas without a Christmas wreath! For today's post I've made a super snazzy Christmas Wreath! I absolutely love it! 

I used a glue gun for this, but I imagine the you could get away with using the spongy double sided sticky tape! 

This is a fun bit of crafting for anyone, and it  seems to be quite on trend at the moment! I did toy with doing one made out of pompoms but i thought with buying all the wool it may have gotten more expensive that doing it with baubles! Not going to lie ....did have to buy a few more baubles but to be honest, they were only a couple of quid! 



Monday, 12 December 2016

My Christmas List | Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 12

Okay, so I don't think I'll be doing a gift guides this Blogmas but I thought I would do my own christmas list. The reason I won't be doing a christmas guide is because literally everyone does them, and every shop does them and every retail store online will do them. So I thought that mine will just fall in to the large hole of 'gift guides'.

I think putting my christams list is quite a fun idea to put on my blog as it shows a bit of personality!

Number 1; Calligraphy kit - I've wanted one of these for ages but haven't bought one because I think it would make a nice gift. I used to do calligraphy when I was younger so it would be fun to get back into it.

Number 2 - A new dressing gown. I've seen so many nice ones in Next at the moment, which is surprising because normally I don't particularly like Next clothing.

Number 3; Glow kit - Moon Child Anastasia Beverley Hill. I am in need of powder highlighters and I've never tried ABH before so it'll be nice to try a new brand.

Number 4; Soft box lights/a large ring light. These will be quite big and I'm not sure where I would put them if I got them. But it'll be amazing for youtube/photos.

Number 5; Embroidery Hoop Kit. I don't know if this a thing?! But I want one.

Number 6: PJs, is it even christmas if you don't ask PJs for christmas?! These ones are from Next.

Number 7; Cinema Light box

Number 8; A dresser, with lots of draws to stash all my makeup in! Okay so this Ikea one hasn't got lots of draws you get the drift...

Number 9; A Lush Gift Box, this one is the 'Christmas Bathtime Favourites'. It has 9 bath bombs/bubblebars in all from the Christmas range!

What is on your Christmas list? Tweet me or comment below!


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Winter Wonder Land Trip! | Blogmas and Vlogmas Day 11

Now that I don't work weekends it has made thing so much easier to do things! this year I finally managed to get to Winter Wonderland to have a look around.

In hindsight I should have probably booked something, but it was a sort of last minute thing to do.

Although we didn't book anything or do much I still had fun, there were lots of rides to watch and go on. We went to a few bars to have a couple of bevvies. Brought some sweets and had a wonder around. Oh and we got some churros (cuz I'm a fatty i ate them before I could photograph them!).

There were bars which revolved round which I thought was pretty cool, although we didn't go in to those ones as they were so packed.

The only thing I wish Tristan and I had done was go in the evening to get that Christmas feel, with all the pretty lights and everything.


Saturday, 10 December 2016

The best and worst Lush Christmas products | Blogmas/Vlogmas Day 10

Initially I was going to do just my favourite Christmas lush product but I thought that I would also add in my least favourite product in here too!

To start off I'm going to be talking about my least favourite... Santasaurus. I am gutted about this one! I mentioned in my Christmas Lush Haul over on my Youtube Channel that I really liked him and thought that he would bubble up well. Long story, short, he didn't really bubble, I may have just got a bad batch though so who knows?! The product contains Brazilian Orange oil, which helps to refresh and rejuvenate and bergamot oil to help uplift and cleanse which gives Santasaurus it's scent, is quite a light scent, and isn't over powering. But with Santasaurus' head and his Christmas hat in my bath tub it still didn't give me endless bubbles. Saying this he is probably the cutest Lush Christmas product this year!

My favourite lush product from this year was tricky, I will be honest and say that I haven't tried the whole range, if I had I would imagine I would be in some kind of awful overdraft. 

But from the selection I have tried I loved, loved, loved the So White Bath bomb. I think part of this is because it looks so plain and simple but has a gorgeous crisp scent to it. But the main reason was the colour the water went when the bath bomb dissolved away! It started off with bright blues and then yellows to leave an acid green bath water. This bath bomb is packed full of lovely botanicals such as rose absolute for balancing, neroli oil for uplifting and toning this is contained inside the bathbomb and is meant to give it a more Christmassy scent. Orange flower absolute has a strong floral scent and bergamot oil helps to uplift and cleanse. Although I do think it smells apple-y there isn't anything in the bath bomb to make it smell of apples, which is weird! Still I love it none the less. 

Whats your favourite seasonal lush product and why? Let me know by tweeting me or commenting below.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Wrapping presents | BLOGMAS AND VLOGMAS DAY 9

You know when you buy someone a present and you know once wrapped that person will take one look at it and will be like 'what dvd have you got me' so this year I've decided to try and wrap a few presents a little differently. 

I'm sewing together my wrapping presents! 

It was actually quite fun doing it this way as you can use any colour thread you like and any shape you want! I found this useful to wrap soft, squishy things, dvds and things that could be quite difficult to gift wrap. Over all while it was fun it was a little frustrating when you cut the wrapping paper too small or make your shape to put the gift in too small! 

Are you wrapping your presents differently this year? Or found some cool inspiration from pinterest?! Let me know by commenting or tweeting me!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016


So this post wasn't in the Blogmas plan, but like I always say, plans never go to plan. I now have two lush posts, but who doesn't love Lush at Christmas?! Basically after a last minute trip to London on the weekend I thought I would do a mini haul on what I got at Lush.

It was so busy in there that I kind of didn't get to have a mooch around, it was more a grab what you want and get out of there, it was that crazy.

Error 404

Ok as much as I love lush, I only know a little bit about this product, Error 404 is a bath bomb which helps to promote awareness of Internet shutdowns in many countries where there shouldn't be. Lush are working with Accessnow to raise awareness and there is a petition to sign to stop this. Error 404 is a limited edition product which came out on Black Friday and online it has sold out as it only ran from the 25th nov to the 30th Nov. But I saw Error 404 in Oxford street and the London Victoria stores. Error 404 has Vanilla Absolute in and also Gardenia extract, its not normally a scent that I go for, but I think this will be amazing to watch fizz away, and the money spent on this product goes to help someone somewhere!

So White

I love this bath bomb. It smells like the crispest apples ever. And for a product which looks so simple on the outside, I absolutely love the bright yellow and blues it releases when you pop it in the bath. The scent is too die for. If they did a shower gel of this scent I would totally love it more than snow fairy! Its strange though because although I swear it smells of apples there isn't anything in the ingredients that says 'apple' instead we've got Bergamot oil, Brazilian orange oil, Rose absolute, Orange Flower extract, Neroli oil and Gardenia extract.


I do love an Oxford Street Exclusive (and online) this little guys obviously smells citrus-y, with mandarin oil and Orange Flower Absolute. I love how this looks just like a satsuma, to be fair I was in such a rush that I didn't necessarily grab the prettiest ones in sight. But I am happy Ive got one of these.


Ah, I love the look of this one! I was tempted to pick it up in my first lush haul (watch here) but i figured that I would be doing another stock up before Christmas. This Bathbomb is a floral yet seductive, with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and Vetivert I think it will be a winner.


Ive used this little guy before, but I've bought another one for a giveaway which I will be hosting on the 16th of December (it could be earlier but we shall see!). I think sometimes I love bubble baths more than using a bath bomb!

Rose Jam

I have always wanted to try Rose Jam and have never gotten round to buying it. On Saturday I obviously changed that! I bought the smallest size one and if I like it a lot ill buy a bigger one before they sell out!

Snow Fairy

Who doesn't love a bit of snow fairy? Okay so I can completely get why people wouldn't like it. Because it is so sweet smelling, but if you like smelling of a sweety shop then you'll love it!

Breath of fresh air 

I've spoken about this a lot on my YouTube and probably on my blog! This a top up as my current one is running out. I love this toner water it's smells lovely and helps to takeaway redness.