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Friday, 4 November 2016

Urban Decay Smoky Palette Review

Hello you lovely people!

Today I have finally decided to do a beauty review! Its been a long time coming and I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the Urban Decay Smoky Palette. I am fully aware UD have just released the Ultimate Basics palette but I've already have the Naked2 Basics (which I adore!) and this time I wanted to try a new palette which had a little mix of everything.

If you haven't ever tried Urban Decay eyeshadows, all I can say is, you are missing out! I find with all the eyebshadow palettes I've bought from Urban Decay have been a dream to work with and I fully think even the newest makeup user would find these super easy to blend and use. In general all the shades from Urban Decay have been beautifully pigmented too.

Now on to the Smoky Palette. The Smoky palette has 12 shades with a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades. It has a double- ended brush; precision and a blender. There is all a full size mirror in the compact too!

The shades range from bronzes, browns, greys and taupes. Something which on reflection I'm not sure I like.... Let me explain. I think its more of a change thing (owing to the fact the Naked3 is all rose gold tones and the Naked2 Basics is all taupe tones), the smoky palette kind of shocked me because it has a range of different tones, where as my previous UD palettes have all had the same kind of tones does that make sense?! Having said that, I love the browns and bronze colours. I like that there seems to be a nice mix of mattes to shimmers, and I also love that the shimmer colours are quite fine but still has a gorgeous sparkle. I haven't really ventured out into the greys, if I'm honest I'm a little afraid of them. Having blue eyes makes me wonder whether the grey will compliment my eyes or not! So to sum this up, I love the feel of the product and I do really enjoy using some of the colours, but I do think some shades un-touched.

Have you tried the Smoky Palette? If so tweet me your thoughts here!


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