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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I am pretty excited for this, and slightly nervous, I have decided to do Blogmas and Vlogmas! Now before we all get ahead of ourselves let me just clarify that I will not be blogging and vlogging daily. I will either blog or vlog daily. For example today it is a blogpost but tomorrow could be a vlog! (I don't even know if this makes sense?!) Anyway I'm doing something I have never done in my blogging career (LOL) to date which is putting out content on to the world wide web everyday until Christmas Day. and I'm pooing my pants a little... this is such big a commitment!

Now I'm sure you are all aware of blog/vlogmas but for those that don't I shall do a quick and speedy intro to it. Basically it started over on Youtube about 5 years ago, where Vloggers would upload daily in the month of december. I guess this could be like an online advent calendar?! I'm not sure when Blogmas started but I'm guessing it kind of took off when Vlogmas did. Vloggers and Bloggers record all things christmassy on their channels. For me I have found some Vlogmas' a little boring, because sometimes it is just their daily lives in December, where as I've found Blogmas to be more like gift ideas, festive outfits of the days... you get my drift. 

So for me I want to do a mix of both, the blogs will be more to do with  'Christmas Traditions' whereas the vlogs are going to be more tutorial for example making festive things (hopefully)! 

I have decided to post the youtube videos into my blog so it is easier for people to navigate and only have to look in one place for my content. If I hadn't chosen to do this you guys would be playing a game of 'easter egg hunt' and that is completely the wrong season and also very time consuming in our busy digital lives.

I have complied a list of the things I hope to blog/vlog about and on what days, so feel free to dip in and out of this. If you would like to take inspiration from any of the ideas I've listed before then go for it!

Thurs 1st - I'm Doing blogmas/vlogmas 
Fri 2nd - Homemade Advent calendar 
Sat 3rd - Favourite films to watch at Christmas
Sun 4th - 
Mon 5th - Christmas Traditions 
Tues 6th - 
Wed 7th - Ginger Bread House Making
Thurs 8th - Winter OOTD 
Fri 9th - Paper Gift Packets
Sat 10th - Favourite Seasonal Lush Product
Sun 11th - Decorating The Christmas Tree
Mon 12th - My Christmas List
Tues 13th - Bauble wreath Making 
Wed 14th - Lookbook Christmas Day Ideas
Thurs 15th - Bauble Making
Fri 16th - Christmas Surprise (This is super exciting keep your eyes peeled)
Sat 17th - Christmas Market
Sun 18th - Festive Centre Piece
Mon 19th - Christmas Makeup look
Tues 20th - Rice Crispy Trees 
Wed 21st - My Favourite Makeup Product For Christmas
Thurs 22nd - Christmas Pamper Night
Fri 23rd - Going home
Sat 24th - Christmas Eve Traditions

Let me know if you are doing blogmas or vlogmas so I can follow yours throughout December!


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