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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Clicking Unfollow

Ahh the classic unfollow.

Recently I've seen tweets floating around about unfollowing on social media platforms obviously lots of people have their views on it. Some people feeling there isn't any point getting upset about it, others saying not to feel guilty about clicking unfollow etc.

And I'll be honest I can see both sides of the story. 

With Twitter, if someone follows me and I check out their feed and discover its all blog pushing tweets then its unlikely that I'll follow you. I tend to follow people back/ or just follow people on twitter if I've had a conversation with them and feel like I would get on with them in the real world or obviously if I really like their blog/business. I follow people if they have a good mix of blog promotes and talking to other users and giving me a little insight to their lives. I tend to unfollow if someone doesn't really tweet anymore or if they drunk tweet every night that they hate their ex boyfriend. 

But I think my main focus today is Instagram...Instagram is a whole other kettle of fish.

I have a love, hate relationship with Instagram... a major love, hate. Not guna lie, I tend to verge on hate, but for todays purposes we shall stick with 'love, hate'.

Firstly it annoys the HELL out of me when people follow you and then unfollow you a day later. It annoys me even more when someone follows me and I'm like ' oh go on then I'll be polite and follow you back' only to discover they unfollow you days later and then I'm like ' I'm not even sure if I liked your content anyway?!'.

Sometimes I do get a little upset when I've been following someone for a while and they follow me back and we have a little chat and/or liking spree on each others pages, so when people like that unfollow me Im like 'oh ok I thought we had a good Instagram relationship', but I wouldn't go to that user and ask them why, because lets be honest its not really real life. However if I don't particularly know the person and we both follow each other and then one day she unfollows me then I'm more like 'well thats cool, because I didn't really know you and I don't think I've liked many of your pictures recently.'

So in away I don't think its bad if you do get upset by someone unfollowing you; if you felt like you had a bit of a connection with them, because after all we are only human. I personally know that if my boyfriend didn't like my Instagram posts I would feel like he didn't like/support what I was doing.

However I do think its a bit silly if you haven't spoken to that person ever and they unfollow you on Instagram, because you didn't have any connection to them anyway.

When its comes to me feeling guilty about unfollowing users on Instagram, I don't tend to feel guilt. Obviously if I had a chat with them days before and then I hit unfollow I would feel guilty... because who wouldn't?! That would be like you not inviting your best friend to your birthday party even though you talk to her everyday (ok that is a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift).

I think everyone is entitled to do what they want on their social media pages (unless its like bullying). Some times you will feel guilty for unfollowing someone, other times you wont, everyone grows out of things and its the same with Instagram. Obviously its good to support people/blogger friends and if people/blogger friends change their style I like to think as a a follower I support that change, but sometimes you don't and you shouldn't feel guilty for that and if you unfollow that user they shouldn't get upset because their new style will attract people with that style (you still with me? good).

Everyone is different and people will always take things differently. For me I take all my social media pages with a  pinch of salt; there will be people that unfollow you, and there is no point dwelling on it and getting upset about it, because in reality the next day you'll find a new cool blogger who follows you and so on. Its the same with feeling guilty, you need to do what you gotta do to enjoy these platforms (again unless its for bullying or plotting murders or whatever).

What are your thoughts on clicking unfollow? Tweet me @ohhsorosie 

If you want to follow and then unfollow me on Instagram you can do that here.

I have youtube you can laugh at me here.

Thats all I've got to say! Have a good week lovely's!


On a side note, I wanted to include pictures but I didn't know what so I just put in pictures I liked...

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