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Saturday, 16 July 2016

20 thoughts you have when you're 24 (or any age)

So I think it's common knowledge to think that when you hit  24 you'll have everything in plan, everything figured out and organised, cept it's not. You tend to question life, and consider if you should be having a quarterly life crisis. So I compiled 20 thoughts I've had since turning 24 (okay anyone in their 20s).

1. You fully thought you'd have your dream job, with lots of money. And in reality you're questioning why you weren't scouted as some sort of child star.

2. Am I now in my mid twenties or my early twenties?! 

3. Council tax or new shoes, council tax or new shoes?!? Council tax...being thrown out on the street doesn't sound too fun. Or having people round to take your stuff also doesn't sound fun either.... Maybe I'll resort to my student diet of cheese on toast so I can afford both.

4. Do I buy this super cute notebook, or a boring navy one to look more profesh?! ( and then buy the cute one because, duh personality) 

5. You'd be an expert in savings. Yet you spend every other month booking cheap holidays/festival tickets/ weekends away/spontaneous shopping spree. 

6. You totally think you can buy that 'really amazing house' that's on the market, when in reality you'll probably end up with a mortgage on something which is the equivalent size of a garden shed. 

7. You'd have the whole 'eating 5 fruits and veg a day and drinking 2 litres of water a day' down. 

8. You come out Uni thinking you'd go into your field of study. (Okay so, sometimes this happens) But you don't. 

9. You'd definitely, never ever be working in retail once you finished uni, or that 'stop gap' job turns out to be your actual job.

10. Questioning whether it's still acceptable to fall out of clubs in the early hours with your fake eyelashes clinging on for dear life. ( this totally still acceptable, but maybe keep to 'once in a blue moon')

11. Maybe I'll travel and become a well rounded individual, and have inner peace... 

12. How do I get the hot water to work... 

13. You'll actually enjoy going to bed at 9pm after your lush cosmetics bath, with a cup of hot chocolate. 

14. Questioning whether you'll ever be able to get your freshly washed clothes in to the wardrobe or whether the washing basket is your new wardrobe.

15. Wondering whether your old school friend earns shit loads of money to afford that house or whether her parents set up a trust fund.

16. Is it ok to eat chocolate for breakfast? Because the bread is mouldy. 

17. Is it ok to eat chocolate for dinner, cuz y'know, long day at work. And food doesn't cook itself.

18. Maybe I'll be like Vera wang and start designing clothing when I'm 40?! 

19. Do teatoxes even work or are they a massive ploy... I thought green tea was good enough?!

20. Go to bed and thinking, everything will work out just fine! Eventually.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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