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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Jamberry Nails

First off, I do not plan on selling Jamberry nails or anything like that, I was kindly sent some of their nail wraps to try out. Having used nail wraps before and really not got along with them I was intrigued to give it another go to see if Jamberry were easier to apply.

The Jamberry* nail wraps I received were stripped gold, something which I think would be perfect for anytime of the year. I like the idea that you can wear nail varnish underneath the wrap. As my nail wraps were clear and gold. 

Applying them: 

All I needed to get beautiful nails was a hair dryer, tweezers and nail file a cuticle pusher. 

Once my nails were cleaned I began to choose which nail wrap would fit each nail, I went with the smaller size each to time as nail wraps don't stick well if they're slightly too big for the nail. 
I simply gave each nail wrap a blast with the nail dryer and gently placed it on to my nail with the tweezers. I then used the cuticle pusher to seal the wrap and to check the was correctly adhered to the nail. This bit is the hardest bit as sometime you'd get an air bubble. Using the cuticle pusher down the middle of the nail first helped to solve this problem. Using a nail file I filed the excess wrap off, I used a fine nail file and it did take forever to separate the excess wrap from my nail, next time I will get a file designed for artificial nails, I gave my nail a blast with the hairdryer to make sure everything was stuck in placed I simply repeated this on each nail until it was complete. 

In terms of time, it would have probably taken the same amount of time to paint and dry my nails, but the big positive was that I didn't  have to wait for them to dry. If I got bored I could up and leave, make a brew and get back to finishing my nails, without fear of smudging them.

The question is did they last two weeks... Well. Yes and no. I loved my nails at first they looked great but I did get bored after a week or so. I think because it is one pattern that isn't subtle you kind of get over it. Having said that I got lots of compliments on them, but for day to day work, they were a little.. in your face shall we say. I think I would have truly loved them if I was off on vacay though... But anyway, back to lasting two weeks, yes they would have lasted 2 weeks, but as nail biter, having wraps on top was the perfect opportunity to give me something else to chew/pick. I did keep a select few nails on to test that they lasted the two weeks and they did! 

I found that the wraps didn't damage my nails at all, and normally after applying and taking off nail varnish my nails will peel. But thankfully the wraps didn't do this to me. 

I would definitely think about purchasing some of these if I were to go on holiday as they are a little different and interesting.


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