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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Benefit | Dew the Hoola | Review

A liquid bronzer I hear you say? Now liquid bronzes aren't necessarily new too the beauty halls, but they are certainly becoming more popular, I've noticed lots of brands coming out with bronzing liquids. I decided to hop on the bandwagon and see whether a liquid bronzes was as scary/strange as I first thought. Having fallen in love with Benefits matte bronzer; Hoola I decided to give Benefit's Dew the Hoola a go.

I did have this tried out at a counter before I purchased this, and I liked that it seemed like quite a versatile product, the girl demoing the product literally mixed it in to a foundation. Which I kind of liked, if I'm a rush it's nice to know I could potentially mix this product in to my foundation. 

However if I have lots of time, I have been putting this on separately. I have applied this all over my face followed by my foundation, which I love doing. I also love using this as a base contour followed by my foundation, and then topped up with my powder Hoola. This is great for nights out. When contouring I use a real techniques contour brush to keep everything neat and tidy! 

Something which I think is great is sun stripping which I found on the Benefit blog, you literally line across from one cheek bone over your nose to the other cheek bone. Again I use this under my foundation. I just prefer it this way, as it gives a nice natural glow. I am still as pale as a sheet so I think popping it over my foundation may make me look a little too bronzed.

You can obviously apply this where the sun would normally hit your face such as your nose, cheeks, forehead, which I do occasionally do. However I am totally loving the sun strip idea! 

I do love the packaging of the Dew the Hoola, it's a handy pump bottle which deposits enough to cover the whole face. The bottle does seem quite small but it is a 30ml which I was surprised about as I thought there was less in there. I also love that this is a matte formula, as I personally find it really hard to find matte bronzers.

Have you tried a liquid bronzer? If so let me know your thoughts! 

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