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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nacho Boats | Healthy Eating

Now, lets all remain calm at the fact that I have now blogged twice in 2 days (Ha I could totally take on that blogging once a day thing. Joking.). Today Im discussing food. More specifically healthy food. Now I hate being told what is good and bad for me, preferring to find these things out for myself, yes McDonalds is the best thing ever, but we all know its unhealthy. Then I started to look into other things which were deemed 'healthy', but aren't as healthy as they make out to be. That is were my best friend Pinterest comes in... Typing in healthy food on to Pinterest gave me lots of inspiration, making healthy food appears to be easier than I first thought. Although Nacho Boats may not be the most healthy thing ever, for me it's a step in the right directions.... this is coming from a girl who would quite happily eat popcorn for breakfast (sorry mum if you ever read this but... its better than having no breakfast!).

I found this recipe on Pinterest (original recipe here), but slightly changed it, mainly because I didn't have Turkey mince I had 'about to go off beef burgers' (I mashed these up).

What you need:

400g of minced meat (beef, turkey, whatever)
100g of Salsa (I'm not pro enough to make my own salsa yet I just shop bought)
1 tsp of Cumin
1 tsp of Chilli Powder
1 tsp of Onion Salt
Black pepper and Salt
4 Peppers
Bag of Salad
Grated cheese (however much you like!)

What to do

Brown of your mince meat, on a medium heat. Whilst this is cooking, you want to cut your peppers into boats. I basically took all the seeds out etc and then cut them into 3 or 4 slices depending on the pepper size.
Then put all the spices into a bowl with the Salsa and mix it. I also added chopped peppers (left over tops of the peppers) into the mix but you could add sweetcorn, onion, peas, you name it put it in! Once the meat has cooked, mix that into the bowl of salsa and spices. Then you simply spoon the meat into the 'Pepper Boats', lay these on a baking try and sprinkle of the cheese. Pop in the oven on about 180c for 10 minutes.
Whilst these babies are cooking prep your salad, and if you want to add a bit more oomph you could try mixing some cooked quinoa into the salad.
Pop you nacho boats on top of the salad and dig in!

I loved that this was a relatively quick dish to make, they would be perfect as a healthy snack or light dinner option (if you've had popcorn for breakfast). It was also relatively cheap to make, once you've bought the spices etc which last ages in the cupboards you're really only looking at about £5 to make this dish! Oh yeah and it also looks a little more pretty and interesting on the dinner table!

I can't say I will be making a regular habit of posting food posts. But if I do ever find a recipe which is super yum and easy to make then I will pop it on here!

If anyone has a huge urge to check out my Pinterest you can find that here! and if you have got any easy recipes to make then pop them in the comment box!


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