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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Blog post ideas for when you're stuck on what to write!

We've all been there, stuck on what to write. Questioning life, taking some blog photos and then back to square 1. 'What the hell should I write about?!' You think. Fear not, I have spent an evening thinking of things you could write about when you have a bit of a writers block. I decided to break these down in to categories so you can skip the bits that bore you! 


- How I do my brows. - proud of your brows the other day? take a step by step photo tutorial.
- Your current favourite beauty product
- How your skincare regime changes from winter to spring/summer.
- Products you swear by. 
- Beauty secrets. - do you do anything which makes applying make 100x easier.
- Current favourite beauty looks
- 5 minute makeup look
- How you organise your beauty products
- Your favourite nail varnish brand
- Products you wouldn't re buy 
- How you photograph your beauty Instagram posts
- High end compared to low end make up - what makes good dupes etc 
- Your collection of foundations
- Favourite summer look and how you achieve it 
- Favourite winter look and how you achieve it 


- How to make a star jar
- View on a recent new story
- Healthy living with a full time job
- What do you use for photo props ( card cutting, ribbon, string etc)
- Places to visit
- Restaurant review
- Film review
- Exercise Regime with a full time job
- Bucket list or To-do
- Favourite moments. - Something you could add to over the year then publish at the end of the year
- Link round up - bloggers you've been loving
- How you gain, followers, page views etc.
- Mistakes you've made 
- Dos and don'ts of job interviews
- How to de-stress and calm down
- Take a photo of something and tell your readers what you feel when looking at the image
- Things I wish I knew before * insert relevant topic*
- 5 things which make you happy right now
- You're on a desert island and you can only take 5 things.



- FWIS stand post - up you could expand on what you're doing that day where your items are from etc
- Favourite item of clothing and what you pair it with 
- Favoruite shoes
- Current styles you're loving 
- Fashion bloggers you love
- Fashion week posts
- Top 5 favourite outfits
- Wishlists
- Going out look
- Your Thoughts on a new trend
- How to style *insert relevant item of clothing*
- Fashion faux pas
- Must have Jewellary 

Here are some ideas I came up with. I have to admit I found fashion the hardest.0, and I think I love fashion the most! I hope this post has given you some inspiration! 


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