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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to get a Scrolling Instagram Widget

Scrolling Instagram widgets seem to be the thing right now. And if you're completely incompetent at doing layout stuff like me, then the thought of doing this might seem daunting. But I've done it!

I tried to do this around Christmas time but for some reason it just did not work! Thinking about it now I don't think I put '@' in front of my Instagram username. But anyway...

First off, Google 'snap widget'. Obviously click on their website, you will be welcomed with a screen like this; 

And from there you want to click 'get your free widget' this will then take you to a form page, fill this out and when you choose scrolling it will say thumbnail size and width size. I went with 150 px for thumbnail and 900 px for the width, with these I literally guessed. But you can go in to your blog to double check the width of the layout. Choose auto scrolling and then decide if you want the scroller to fade in or out. 

Click preview and then click 'get widget' and it will give you the code for your scrolling widget, copy and paste this.

Next open Blogger and go to 'layout' then click add a gadget below the header. 

Here you need to choose HTML/JavaScript. Then Simply paste the code into the main box and title the gadget. Click save. You can move the gadget around, mine is below my header.

Click preview on blogger to see if the widget is the correct sizing, if it isn't I'm assuming you would just repeat the whole process and put in the exact sizings you want as the thumbnail and width.

I really hope this helps some of you! I love having this as it has almost given my blog a complete new look, it adds personality and I find makes my blog page look more together! 

Let me know if you do this so I can check out your fancy new widget!


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