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Saturday, 2 January 2016

What I got for Christmas

Firstly I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New year. Secondly I thought I would write a post on what I got, I love these kinds of posts mainly because I'm nosy but also sometimes you see stuff people get and you think 'that's such a cool item I want one' so sometimes these kind of posts can act as inspo. Anyway I'm waffling. Let's have a little look at what I was lucky enough to recieve.

Colouring books and pens
I have been so desperate for an adult colouring book that I ended up with two! I'm so excited to start on these! 

Eric the memo elephant 
I'm normally pretty good at remembering things but I thought this was a fun idea so put it on my Christmas list. Now I can put fun messages on there and if I ever do need to remember something this will be perfect! It's handy as it comes with a pen and cloth which is a nice as you don't have to go out and buy extra! 

Kindle cover
Obviously my kindle needs protection on my daily commutes and the way my previous kindle went its is very important for me to have a case.

Ugg slippers
I put slippers on my Christmas list as my current slippers have holes in the them, I never dreamed in a million years that I would get a pair of ugg slippers. These are the most comfortable things I've ever owned in my life. My brother was like 'I know uggs aren't in fashion anymore but they're meant to be comfy'. It's like walking on air. And because they aren't the boot/sock style I feel more like grown up (still need to sort my life out though, but at least at home I look the part).

This is like the craziest gift I've ever received. Most years I toy with 'money towards an iPad' but never actually decided on it til it's too late. This year I got the actual thing. Which was amazing. It's like having a laptop and phone in 1! My mum (bless her), had put in it a towel, in a new balence shoe box. My first thought was 'why I have been given new balence trainers' ; I do not like sport, nor do I fawn over trainers. My brother got me a cover which has a see through back so you can see the gold casing. 

New camera lens
So my hobby of photography is growing and I got a new lens for my camera off the boyf, which was the Sigma Af 70mm - 300mm and it's so much fun to use, it may not be top of the range but it's perfect for what I want/need to use it for. 

Topshop button front skirt
I've been dying for one of these skirts since they hit the highstreet, and I finally have one! I lay off buying one as I wasn't sure if it'd suit me! But it's does, so it's ok! Did you know they're £29 from topshop and £25 from missguided which is crazy, as I always though missguided was super value.

I also got a book called 'Women in this Town, which is really good if you're in to street photography and I also got a z palette which is going to be so handy for all my makeup!


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