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Friday, 1 January 2016

The Highs of 2015

I am not doing new years revolutions because firstly I don't know what I would do and secondly if I think of something I tend to do it here and then. Today Im going to talk about the fun times in 2015... and maybe a bucket list, but don't hold your breathe for that.

2015. This year I have had some major fun times and some fairly boring and not so fun times. To start 2015 I moved in with my boyfriend, which has been a bit of an adventure, we moved in on the First of January having been extremely ill the night before (cheers alcohol, and no lesson not quite learnt). Im pleased to say we haven't killed each other in this year, so thats a very good thing!

My birthday, ok I get one every year but this birthday I turned 23 and wanted to cry (probably did) got some zoeva brushes which again probably made me cry and went out in Brighton. Was the most obvious wing women of the century and probably made my best friend cringe to the max.... and then got lost in Prism (thats the club).

Amsterdam. My god. I probably had the most hilarious time there, beer bikes, night clubs, and failing to realise that Ann Franks house is actually really popular (I really wanted to go) and that as our flight was only 2 hours away we would not be getting some culture into our trip (the queue was like 1hr 30 long!) so we continued to wonder round hungover until it was time to go to the airport. Oh yeah whilst we stayed in a hostel my friends made friends with a tranny who was staying in out hostel room.

Centre Parcs with the 'couple friends' seriously if you haven't gone, go! The rapids are so much fun, and it was amazing to buy loads of food and sit and eat it. It was like a sleepover every night.

Sharm el-sheikh, this holiday could have gone horribly wrong. 10 days with your boyfriend and another couple, thankfully it went really well. The weather was amazing apart from 3 days of cloud, I faced a fear of scuba diving... something which I wont be doing again but im glad I did it. Ring of Fire turning into a domestic for my boyfriend and I, but I can see the funny side to it now(basically we were both cheating on the game and we pulled each other up on it). The only bad thing I can say is that someone stole my selfie stick (first world problems).

I've also got a family, boyfriend and friends, who are always there for support when I need it. Which is one of the best thing that could happen to me.

So here's to 2016, and to all that it brings, which I'm hoping is full music festivals, hot holidays, a new selfie stick and lots of love and laughs! 


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